Samoa Joe Comments On Conor McGregor's MMA Success

Conor McGregor has brought WWE-like characteristics of a heel to the world of mixed martial arts via the UFC. The 29-year-old Dublin, Ireland native has dominated the featherweight and lightweight division since his debut in 2008, having only three losses in 24 fights.

Although certainly not a man without controversy, McGregor has used his personality to become one of the most successful fighters in UFC history, and contributed to a UFC pay-per-view buyrate record in his second fight against Nate Diaz.

For the past couple of years, McGregor has been a topic of discussion regarding joining the WWE roster. Despite McGregor blasting WWE, and particularly John Cena, Triple H has admitted that he would be a good fit in the WWE mold.

Although WWE is interested in bringing in McGregor, there is a high expectation he will be making his UFC return against Khabib Nurmagomedov in September, especially after the bus incident that occurred this past April.

WWE star Samoa Joe was recently interviewed by the Irish Mirror to share his thoughts on McGregor. Joe praised McGregor for his ability to draw people to his fights as his own promoter.

"He knows how to promote a fight," said Joe. "He can bring tremendous interest to anything he does. That's a rare skill that not a lot of guys have, despite how skilled they may be in fighting or wrestling."

Joe added that he is "not a hater" when it comes to seeing MMA fighters gain success, and he "[likes] to see guys make as much money as they can especially in combat sports."

Based on his luxurious $1.75 million mansion he just purchased in Marbella, which The Sun reports that he is laying low in while to see where the police charges go from the bus incident, the best option for McGregor is to scale back as much as possible from his boisterous demeanor.


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