Backstage News On Samoa Joe's Feud When He Returns

Samoa Joe is set to return any day now, and there are a couple of schools of thought on who his first opponent will be when he's back.

Shortly after Samoa Joe was involved in the mammoth Fatal 4-Way match for the Universal Championship at SummerSlam, The Destroyer, unfortunately, suffered an injury that has seen him sidelined ever since. It's a real shame, as in the months prior Joe had really built up some momentum, even having a one-on-one with Brock Lesnar, during which he seemed like a legitimate threat to The Beast.


Lucky for Joe though, it doesn't look like he's really missed much since he has been forced to take time off. Lesnar has been tied up with Braun Strowman while John Cena and Roman Reigns did their thing, so it's hard to see a top slot that Joe could have occupied during September. Apparently, the Samoan Submission Machine is nearing a comeback though, so who will he target first?

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Dave Meltzer of The Wrestling Observer believes there are two possibilities for Joe's next opponent depending on exactly when he returns to action. Meltzer noted that Strowman currently doesn't have a dance partner for the upcoming Raw pay-per-view TL and that if Joe returns before then, we could see a program begin between those two. If WWE hold off until after TLC, however, then Meltzer is of the belief that Finn Balor will be the one entering into a feud with his fellow former NXT Champion.


Both of these rumored feuds sound extremely intriguing yet very different. Joe versus Strowman would be a car wreck type match as both men attempt to destroy each other. The angle could also factor in that both men claim to have come close to slaying The Beast for his Universal Championship. Fans of NXT will know, however, that Joe and Balor have great in-ring chemistry. The two of them feuded over the NXT Championship throughout the first half of 2016 in some incredible matches, ones that should be recreated on the main roster.

Whichever opponent WWE decides to push forward with will be great for Joe as clearly programs with both Balor and Strowman have their merits. If the Finn route is the one they take though, then that would mean the Irishman's rivalry with Bray Wyatt is coming to an end relatively soon, plus what would that mean for Braun Strowman's future?

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