WWE Rumor: [SPOILER] To Challenge Roman Reigns For Intercontinental Championship

Roman Reigns' open Intercontinental Championship challenge got a lot of fans excited, and now rumor has it, one star is set to challenge next.

Now that Roman Reigns is the Intercontinental Champion, it seems like every match is a big match. This past Monday, Reigns opened up his title reign by welcoming any challenger, a challenge accepted by Elias. It was a huge match for Elias, who up to this point in his WWE career has been trending up, but not in a significant feud with any main event caliber WWE Superstar. In his first real appearance in the spotlight, he didn't disappoint.

Reigns' open challenge for the title is meant to elevate stars. Like John Cena did with the U.S Title, by welcoming any opponent, the title should be highlighted on a week-to-week basis and with Reigns as the champ, whoever accepts that challenge will have to be at the top of their game.



Those fans who watched the latest episode of Raw may have seen Samoa Joe sneak attack Reigns after his match with Elias. There wasn't an obvious reason for the attack but it appears, according to, Joe sees himself as the next challenger in the Intercontinental Title Open Challenge.

Joe is an interesting opponent because he's a legitimate threat to Reigns' run as champion. The WWE has been pushing hard Joe's dominance since his return from injury and it would be an interesting choice for the company to stall Joe's momentum by taking a loss to Reigns, despite Reigns being a formidable foe. It would also be an interesting choice if Joe were to defeat Reigns after only two weeks holding the title.

The tide has turned a bit as it pertains to Reigns. Once the most booed and jeered WWE Superstar on the roster, his popularity has skyrocketed now that he's rejoined The Shield and he's once again become a fan favorite. If Samoa Joe does win the title, it could be because WWE sees a bigger long-term goal for Reigns and heading into the Royal Rumble and eventually WrestleMania, is it logical to have a main event player like Reigns holding the IC strap?


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WWE Rumor: [SPOILER] To Challenge Roman Reigns For Intercontinental Championship