Banks And Bliss Show Off Ring Gear Before Historic Match [PHOTOS]

WWE female wrestling stars Sasha Banks and Alexa Bliss made history on Thursday by being the first ever female wrestlers to perform in Abu Dhabi.

With Abu Dhabi being located in the middle east, women have never been allowed to perform there. That all changed on Thursday when Banks and Bliss wrestled in a house show.

WWE executive Triple H posted a great tweet after the event.

With women in the middle east not allowed to show skin, Banks and Bliss wore special outfits that covered their entire bodies, except of course their heads. A photo was posted on Reddit.

Here's another photo that was posted on Twitter.

The fans seemed to love it. Check out the tweet below.

A local media network covered the event as well.

Sasha was very emotional after the match just realizing the magnitude of what she was just a part of.


“The moment the announcer announced that this is gonna be a women’s match you could hear the crowd care. The moment I stood out there and I saw little girls, it just … it made everything worth it.”

Sasha continued, “Because this is what I feel like I was put on this earth to do. I wanna make a change in the world. I wanna empower women and I want to let them know that their dreams are endless and they can achieve anything.”


This was really monumental. Not only is is great for wrestling, but it's huge for the middle east, where women are slowly but surely starting to receive the respect that they deserve.

For decades, women haven't been allowed to show their faces, vote, drive themselves around or go anywhere without a male present with them. Some of those restrictions are starting to change and even something as little as allowing two female wrestlers perform is huge.

There were even “this is hope” chants from both men and women in the crowd, which is bone-chilling. This is a brilliant move by WWE because this will further expand their brand worldwide and lure in an entirely new audience. It could also help women within the middle east dream about one-day becoming professional wrestlers with WWE.


We know guys love women wearing almost nothing, but we honestly liked the full body suits. We thought the look was cool and was more respectable. We would think that both Bliss and Banks were more comfortable as well instead of having short shorts and pretty much a bra on all the time.

Comment below and give us your thoughts on this monumental match. Also, what do you think of Bliss and Banks' body suits?


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