5 Reasons Why Sasha Banks Should Beat Becky Lynch (And 5 Why The Man Should Win)

The big feud between Sasha Banks and Becky Lynch is already the hottest story in WWE today. Summerslam was a fine show, but none of the major feuds created a buzz for the company moving forward. Banks returning the night after Summerslam on Raw changed that with a hot new storyline starting. The heel turn of Banks saw her attack Natalya and Becky in violent fashion to turn heel in a major way.

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WWE clearly wants to move forward with a major money match of Lynch defending the Raw Women’s Championship against the returning Banks as fans showed strong interest in the first interaction. The fan bases of both wrestlers have been going at it on social media claiming their respective favorite deserves to take home the title after the first big match. We will look at the arguments for both sides with five reasons Sasha should win and five reasons why Becky should win.

10 Why Sasha should win: Momentum

The return of Sasha Banks has been a huge boost for WWE. Banks is adding strong interest to the women’s division on Raw with fans witnessing her going at it with Becky Lynch and Natalya. The momentum would disappear if she loses her first match against Lynch.

Banks has a chance to finally fulfill her potential on the main roster with a strong run. Everything is working in her favor and that usually means a title win should be coming as well. Banks winning the Raw Women’s Championship would continue her ascension as a top WWE star.

9 Why Becky should win: Consistency

Becky Lynch has been the consistent rock of the women’s division for many years now. The talented wrestler made a huge step forward after turning on Charlotte Flair to start her run as “The Man.” Lynch is the one consistent piece of the Raw women’s division right now.

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Sasha Banks’ greatness is undeniable, but her main roster run has featured many ups and downs with a lack of consistency on her part. Lynch’s great work over the past year is the consistency needed for a champion. There’s no doubt Becky offers that more than Sasha does.

8 Why Sasha should win: Extends the feud longer

Sasha Banks and Becky Lynch are clearly the top stars in the women’s division on Raw at the moment. None of the other wrestlers are currently at that level. It would make sense for Banks and Lynch to have a feud lasting a few months before it ends.

The story would be easier to tell if Banks ends the title reign of Lynch in the first match with the rematch playing into the aftermath. Lynch winning would make it hard to rationalize Banks getting another title shot or two after losing her biggest opportunity.

7 Why Becky should win: Sasha likely still wants to leave

Sasha Banks’ desire to leave WWE is the reason she was off television for months. Nothing has changed in the reports about her return. The best bet is that Banks wants to work through the rest of her contract before becoming a free agent since WWE can extend it if a talent sits out that long.

If Banks has no interest in re-signing once her contract expires, WWE would likely be foolish to have her defeat the biggest star in the women’s division. Becky Lynch has made it clear that she wants to stick around in WWE for the long haul as one of the faces of the company.

6 Why Sasha should win: Prevents Becky from getting stale as champ

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Becky Lynch’s Raw Championship reign has had ups and downs over the past few months. Fans were not thrilled with the feuds against Lacey Evans and Natalya. WWE implementing her real-life relationship with Seth Rollins also hurt the momentum of both wrestlers.

Many vocal fans will cheer Sasha Banks over Lynch due to the fresh new character of her heel side. Lynch has already risked growing stale due to the booking of her title reign. Banks winning the Raw Women’s Championship means Lynch can chase the title again to prevent the reign from growing stale.

5 Why Becky should win: She Is On A Tear

Despite the questionable booking of her character and the opponent choices, Becky Lynch has remained dominant as the Raw Women’s Champion. None of the other women on the Raw roster have been able to pose a credible threat to her.

It may be worth continuing the title reign with a win over Sasha Banks to add to the dominance of her championship run. Lynch is one of the most heavily protected female wrestlers in quite some time and there are positives to continuing that here.

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4 Why Sasha should win: Makes Her The Top Heel In Women's Division

The instant success of Sasha Banks in her return has shown just great she is as a heel character. Banks’ best time in NXT came with the heel Boss character. A return is certainly making one of the top villains on the entire roster of both shows and all divisions.

Winning the Raw Women’s Championship over Becky Lynch would cement her as having a top spot in the company. Banks not only will become the official top female heel, but she may be the best overall heel on the WWE roster moving forward.

3 Why Becky should win: First major feud since becoming champion

The lackluster feuds against Lacey Evans and Natalya have been quite meaningless for the Raw Women’s Championship reign of Becky Lynch. Sasha Banks is the first story for her title reign that has the audience invested in what happens.

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Lynch losing this feud would feel like she dropped the ball in the first major angle for her after main eventing Wrestle Mania. The wins over Natalya and Evans were pointless, but a victory over Banks would cement her as a top tier champion.

2 Why Sasha should win: Convinces her to re-sign when contract ends

WWE clearly wants Sasha Banks to remain with the company long-term for good reason. Banks is one of the top female stars for the company, but she expressed a desire to leave after losing the Women’s Tag Team Championship with Bayley at WrestleMania 35.

The belief was that Banks wanted to get released from her WWE contract to join another promotion like AEW. This could inspire WWE to finally book Banks strong as a heel to make her a legitimate top star. A great run here may be enough to prevent her from eventually leaving for AEW.

1 Why Becky should win: Should not lose title until Ronda Rousey rematch

The WrestleMania 35 main event gave Becky Lynch the biggest win of her career, but the inconclusive finish left a lot left for the feud with Ronda Rousey. Both ladies showed great chemistry in the various segments throughout the months that set up the triple threat main event including Charlotte Flair.

Lynch and Rousey still have yet to have their big singles match. Rousey’s great relationship with WWE means the door is open for her to return any time she wants. The biggest attraction for the match would be if Lynch keeps the title reign going strong leading up to whenever she faces Rousey in solo action.

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