Sasha Banks Details Reasons For Leaving WWE In Latest Chronicle Episode

In the latest edition of WWE Chronicle on WWE Network, Sasha Banks reveals the true story behind why she walked away after WrestleMania 35.

It's been a question on the minds of WWE fans for six months. Why did Sasha Banks really leave WWE? Did she bail? Was she pouting? Was there ever really a chance she was going to join AEW or another wrestling promotion? Banks revealed everything on the latest episode of WWE Chronicle.

It was an emotional episode where Banks discussed wrestling saving her life but also being the cause of tremendous stress. Feeling like the business was beginning to destroy her life, she needed to take a break, especially after realizing she was in the middle of a championship match at the biggest show of the year in the biggest company and felt no emotional connection to what she was doing. She explained, "This it is, I'm done."

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Banks said a number of bad things added up and she didn't know how to deal with it. When she decided to walk away, Bayley, her husband and all the people close to her didn't try to stop her which is how she knew she needed time to heal.

Paige’s injury and the reports she was the cause of it took a major toll on her and “really sucked and made me question who I was as a wrestler.”

Banks Is Back

Saying she credits therapy, crystal healing classes, psychics, and meditation to her recovery process, she is back and ready to go. She was upset to see the amount of rumors being spread while away and the false reports of her crying on the locker room floor, but that's all in the past now.

She's focused on trying to win the Raw Women's Championship this Sunday at Clash of Champions and may actually be the favorite in her match versus Becky Lynch.

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