The Boss is Back: 5 Sasha Banks Feuds We Want (& 5 We Don’t)

The return of Sasha Banks to WWE on the Raw after Summerslam created huge interest with trending topics and social media success. Banks was away from the company for over four months following backstage issues with the booking of her. WWE would have her return playing a heel for the first time since her early days on the main roster. Banks attacking Natalya and destroying Becky Lynch instantly made her the top heel in the women’s division.

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The major feud moving forward will likely be with Becky for the Raw Women’s Championship moving forward. However, there are many other fun feuds out there for Sasha now that she’s apparently back for the foreseeable future. Some other potential feuds lead to less excitement from the fan base since not every angle would make sense. We will look at both sides with five feuds we want for Sasha Banks and five we don’t now that the boss is back.

10 Want: Alexa Bliss

The backstage rivalry between Sasha Banks and Alexa Bliss has been well documented throughout the years. Bliss even posted a cryptic tweet throwing shade at Banks when she returned on Raw. The roles would be reversed this time around with Sasha now playing a heel.

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Bliss appears to be changing her character as well with the tag team pair with Nikki Cross having them portray face characters in recent weeks. The legitimate tension between wrestlers often makes the angles and matches more fun. Banks and Bliss with character changes could be must-see television.

9 Don’t want: Natalya

Two storylines were set up for Sasha Banks in her return to Raw. The obvious one was an instant feud with Becky Lynch for the Raw Women’s Championship, but the other was against Natalya. Banks attacked an injured Natalya cutting a promo about the one-year anniversary of her dad passing.

The ruthless nature of Sasha’s attack could create interest in the feud, but we’ve seen the two face off so many times. Natalya also struggled to get fans behind her in her home country during this moment which means the average audience likely won’t root for her in the story.

8 Want: Asuka

Sasha Banks and Asuka have never been involved in a real storyline against each other despite being two of the most talented women in the company. They did have one standout match on Raw after Asuka won the first-ever women’s Royal Rumble match.

There was chemistry between Banks and Asuka that could create incredible moments if they were given a full storyline together. Sasha’s heel side would bring the best out of Asuka as the two leave it all in the ring whenever they get the chance to show their full potential.

7 Don’t want: The Iiconics

The tag team run of Sasha Banks and Bayley ended when WWE had the Iiconics win their tag team match at WrestleMania 35. Banks left the company due to the anger at the work of her and Bayley going to waste with such a short title reign.

Any idea of Banks finding revenge against Peyton Royce and Billie Kay would be a bad call for multiple reasons. The Iiconics are already hated heels which means fans will just have more reason to cheer Sasha. There’s also the issue of the lack of chemistry that was shown in their tag matches.

6 Want: Candice LeRae

Candice LeRae is one of the best NXT female performers that would have great chemistry with Sasha Banks. The recent TakeOver: Toronto match against Io Shirai reminded the wrestling world just how talented LeRae was given the lack of matches for her in NXT before it.

LeRae’s ability to play an underdog face that gets the fans behind her would compliment the heel character of Banks. Bayley recently called out Candice on social media regarding a match together. If this is indicative of a call-up soon, a match with Banks is a must.

5 Don’t want: Carmella

Carmella is one of the female wrestlers that will be on both Raw and Smackdown most weeks due to R-Truth’s involvement in the 24/7 division. It only makes sense that she will eventually face off with the newly heel Sasha Banks since Carmella is one of the faces with credibility.

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The match taking place on Raw or Smackdown is fine, but the two should not be paired together for a long feud. Carmella doesn’t have the same level of in-ring skills as Banks which the latter needs to showcase to return to the same level of momentum from her NXT days.

4 Want: Naomi

The history between Naomi and Sasha Banks would see them work together in the Team BAD faction in the first few months of Banks’ time on the main roster. Naomi has been underutilized since moving to Raw in the superstar shakeup.

Banks will need some talented faces to have programs with moving forward and Naomi is among the best options. They have history, chemistry and the ability to help each other thrive in their current roles. Naomi deserves a bigger opportunity in the women’s division and a feud with Sasha may be what the doctor ordered.

3 Don’t want: Charlotte Flair

Despite the character change of Sasha Banks, there is no need for her to have any matches with Charlotte Flair moving forward. The two worked together countless times in NXT and on the main roster. Banks and Flair often were the only two ladies getting television time against each other in the early months of the brand split.

They should be kept far away from each other for at least another year. Maybe an eventual Flair face turn would make the feud worth exploring again, but there’s no need to see them face off any time soon. Charlotte as the top female heel on Smackdown and Sasha with the same role on Raw is the right way to go.

2 Want: Bayley

The incredible heel turn of Sasha Banks on Raw was a tad bittersweet realizing it didn’t come against Bayley. WWE teased tension between the two best friends for years without going for the full breakup. They last were together as the Women’s Tag Team Champions with Banks now returning in the new role.

An eventual match between the two must happen on a major PPV at some point. Banks and Bayley had one of the best women’s matches in wrestling history at TakeOver: Brooklyn with Sasha in the heel role. Now that Banks is in her comfort zone and Bayley is having a strong run as Smackdown Women’s Champion, the two should feud with WrestleMania 36 standing out as an ideal time.

1 Don’t want: Lacey Evans

The short-lived push of Lacey Evans made her the main opponent of Becky Lynch on the shows between WrestleMania and Summerslam. Evans did not do an impressive enough job to come off as a legitimate threat to Lynch and is now struggling to get television time.

Sasha Banks has never faced off against Evans and should not at any point in the foreseeable future. Evans is both a limited in-ring performer and someone the fans dislike. Banks’ heel run and her overall momentum would suffer from working with Lacey any time soon.

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