Sasha Banks Agrees That Original Great Balls Of Fire Logo Looked 'Odd'

Sasha Banks was recently asked by a fan on Twitter whether she thought WWE's Great Balls Of Fire logo looked like a penis and she said yes.

Last week on Twitter a fan tweeted a picture of the original logo WWE had released for its upcoming Raw brand pay per view Great Balls Of Fire along with the question 'do you think the Great Balls Of Fire logo looks like a dick and balls?'. Shockingly Sasha indulged the fan and not only acknowledged the tweet, but answered the question and completely agreed with him.

Sasha and the fan in question aren't the first ones to notice the suggestive nature of WWE's latest pay per view logo with social media blowing up almost immediately following the show's official announcement. It really is hard to imagine that the poster and the logo made it past so many creative minds, including Vince McMahon's, all the way on to television before somebody pointed out what it actually looked like, and that perhaps it was someone's intention for it to look the way that it did.

Despite fans almost instantly pointing out and poking fun at the logo, WWE didn't jump in straight away and alter it. Once it had been made clear to everybody exactly what it resembled it continued to make appearances on WWE TV. Vince and co did eventually bow to the pressure of how poorly designed it was however and some slight alterations have made it look far less erotic.


The most surprising aspect of all this of course was Sasha's honest and prompt response to the fan in question. Normally Superstars under the company's employ have to be very careful about what they say on social media, especially when it comes to speaking ill of WWE. Agreeing with the masses that their carefully designed logo looks like a man's genitalia has got to at least be frowned upon, especially when the logo hadn't been altered at the time of the tweet. Maybe WWE's creative team have thicker skin than we give them credit for however as the tweet has not been deleted, nor has The Boss been punished for her openness.

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The first ever Great Balls Of Fire pay per view will take place on Sunday July 9th and will feature Samoa Joe versus Brock Lesnar for the Universal Championship as its main event, as well as a whole host of other Raw Superstars competing on the card.

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