Sasha Banks Says She's 'The Greatest Women's Wrestler Ever'

At just 25 years old, Sasha Banks is as old as Raw is. Just as Raw has made history within television, Banks has made history within the ranks of Women Superstars with her many accomplishments. She is a four-time Raw Women's Champion, a one-time NXT Women's Champion and has been singled out by Pro Wrestling Illustrated for being the Woman of the Year (2015), having the Match of the Year (2015) and being involved in the Feud of the Year (2016).

That list of accolades has earned Banks the appropriate nickname of The Boss. Anyone who refers to his or herself as that probably isn't lacking in confidence and a recent interview of Banks proved just that. Banks was interviewed by talkSPORT and she was asked about her lengthy NXT feud with Bayley and the chances of that feud making its way onto the main roster.


"Over the past year I’ve been told if I was going to be heel or face and we kept going back and forth on it. But that rivalry with Bayley is something I’d love to pick right back up because she actually has my number, which pisses me off because in my heart I know I’m the greatest women’s wrestler ever. It’s about showing her and the world that I’m the best and it would be great to pick up that rivalry again with her. I’m in no rush; I plan to be with WWE for a very long time so we can tell that story anytime. Sasha Banks is all about being me and it’s not arrogance it’s confidence, I am the very best at what I do."

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Banks channels both Bret Hart and Chris Jericho in her assessment that she's the best women's wrestler. The first step in actually being the best is having confidence and Banks clearly has that in spades.

Another big takeaway from this interview is that Banks said that she's in no rush to face Bayley and that she plans on being with WWE for a long time. That is a bit different than what she said just a month ago on the Steve Austin Show when she said some days she thinks about retiring and openly wonders "how much more can I do" in the ring.



Clearly Banks is feeling a bit of a rejuvenation as of late and, perhaps, the infusion of new talent into the Women's Division has her wanting to stick around for a while. For as great as Banks has been thus far, she can't truly have a claim on being the greatest women's wrestler ever until she's put in a few more years in the ring.

But from the sound of things, that's exactly what she plans on doing.

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