Why Sasha Banks Is Happy Being Out Of The Championship Scene

Sasha Banks claims that before the introduction of Absolution the only women's angles that WWE Creative wrote involved the Women's Champion.

Women's wrestling has come a long way in WWE over the past few years. Female Superstars are no longer hired based purely on their looks and made to compete in bra and panties matches. Instead, they are judged on their in-ring ability like their male counterparts and it has led to some incredible matches between some of the company's current women.

While the current crop of women are still notching up firsts, it does feel like the writing for the females has regressed a little. There was a SmackDown Live pay-per-view not so long ago that featured three different all-female singles matches. Now, however, it feels like all the women on their respective brands are being crammed into one segment or one multi person match at events.


Sasha Banks confirmed that fear during her appearance on The Steve Austin Show earlier this week. The Boss claimed that the only woman creative write anything for is the division's champion, so currently Alexa Bliss. Banks said that has recently changed, and now women involved in the Absolution angle are also being written for. That's one of the main reasons she's happy to be a part of it as she is actually involved in an angle for once and is being written for without having to be Women's Champion.

WWE's writers putting more focus on the women can only be a good thing, that is until you pick apart what Banks said on the podcast this week. If what she said is, in fact, true then creative is still only capable of writing one women's angle at a time. The Absolution angle may not revolve around the championship, but it seems to be taking place in lieu of a Women's Championship angle. All Alexa Bliss is doing right now is sitting at the announce desk before making herself scarce when things go south.

Hopefully, the introduction of Absolution on Raw and The Riott Squad on SmackDown Live is a sign of a change in the tide once again for women's booking. It sort of makes sense that all the women from each show are involved in the same angles at the moment because of the new stars invading. However, once that is done thanks to those new additions after these storylines are done there needs to be more writing time dedicated to the company's females, and not just angles that revolve around the Women's Championships.


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Why Sasha Banks Is Happy Being Out Of The Championship Scene