Sasha Banks Hilariously Trolls WWE Superstar With Twitter Posts

As Sasha Banks gears up for a match with Becky Lynch at Hell in a Cell, she's finding enough time to steal the title as biggest Twitter troll too.

It's no longer a surprise at how good at using Twitter to win a battle Becky Lynch has become. We also know, from a few unfortunate run-ins with fans and a wrestler name Will Osperay, Seth Rollins isn't all that good at it. But, perhaps no one knew how much Sasha Banks had picked up while watching Lynch take out social media opponent after social media opponent.

Banks, who was away from WWE for some time, had a few months to watch from the sidelines as Lynch destroyed her opponents on Twitter. She seems to have picked up a thing or too and might have just won the Internet with a tweet she directed at the WWE Universal Champion on Thursday.

While trying to pay respect to Rey Mysterio — who Rollins will be facing for the Universal Title on the season premiere of Raw this Monday — Banks decided to poke fun at a tweet Rollins wrote that said:

"This is a match I’ve been looking forward to my entire life. The fact that I’m defending the Universal Title on the #RAW Season Premiere against @reymysterio in 2019 is mind boggling. Even 6 days out from #HIAC @WWEBrayWyatt, I’ll empty the tank for one of the greatest ever."

It was a touching tweet that Banks thought was a touch disingenuous. So, she had a little fun by writing on her own Twitter profile the following:

"This is a match I’ve been looking forward 2 my entire life. The fact that I’m wrestling 1/2 of the Tag Champs on the #RAW Season Premiere against @AlexaBliss_WWE in 2019 is mind boggling. Even 6days out from #HIAC@BeckyLynchWWEI’ll empty the tank for one of the greatest ever."

At first, the tweets almost look like a mess up by WWE's social media department. That is, until you realize Banks is being a smarta$$. She's copying, word-for-word the Rollins tweet to sarcastically say she could care less about facing Alexa Bliss, while also suggesting Rollins share his sappy emotions in another place and time. For Banks, who was posting weird twitter posts about healing and self-reflection while absent from WWE, this is a much more obvious shot across the bow.

The best part is, Rollins actually had a decent comeback. He replied:

This is a match I’ve been looking forward to as much as every other match you’ve ever had...aka, not at all. Luckily for me, you’ll underdeliver like you always do and continue to wonder why you’re not in more main events.


Who Wins the Twitter War Here?

We have two questions. First, who do you think won this round? Second, where the heck is Lynch in all of this? It's hard to imagine she's choosing to sit this one out since the opportunity is there to have some back-and-forth fun.

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