Sasha Banks Isn't The Only Horsewoman With A Horrible Title Defense Record

Sasha Banks is once again no longer a Women's Champion after another short run with the title came to an end at the hands of Alexa Bliss.

It's shaping up to be a big week for the women of WWE, and at the time of typing this, it's only Tuesday! The first four episodes of the inaugural Mae Young Classic are now available on the WWE Network, and on Monday night, Sasha Banks and Alexa Bliss headlined Raw in a Women's Championship match. It wasn't a good night for The Boss with Alexa reclaiming the title just eight days after losing it.

Sasha is now a four time Women's Champion. That's Pretty good, right? Well, that's really the only statistic that Banks will want you to remember. All four of those title reigns have come in a short space of time, less than twelve months in fact, and that's because The Boss has never been successful in a single title defense. Her championship reigns have been short and sweet, and not once on the main roster has Sasha entered a match as a champion and left with the belt.


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The numbers make for pretty grim reading for Banks, and surprisingly WWE actually pointed out that fact during her latest unsuccessful title defense on Raw. The announce team informed viewers at home that Sasha's record in title matches where she's the champion is less than impressive, and that coupled with the match being on last more or less foreshadowed the eventual outcome.


The unflattering title match stats don't stop there when it comes to Sasha. As you'll likely recall Banks had a long and bitter feud with Charlotte Flair last year. Banks got a fair amount of victories over her adversary, but they all came on Monday nights. In pay-per-view title matches, The Boss is currently 0 and 7, while Flair's record is an impressive 15 and 2 following her long undefeated streak. Fellow Horsewomen Bayley (2 and 4) and Becky Lynch (1 and 4) also have better records in this field than Banks.

All in all the numbers don't make for particularly good reading for Sasha Banks. Seemingly WWE wants her to have multiple title reigns, but for some strange reason, they don't want those reigns to have any length to them. Sasha will want to shake off this record fast. Judging by the closing moments of Raw however it looks like Nia Jax is now set on winning the gold, so Banks may have to wait for that fifth reign.

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