Sasha Banks Suffers Back Injury At Hell In A Cell

Sasha Banks was absent from yesterday's episode of Monday Night Raw after suffering an injury during Hell in a Cell, and the former Raw Women's Champion could miss some time.

According to Mike Johnson of PWInsider.com, Banks "suffered a back injury" during her title match against Lynch on Sunday. The Legit Boss has been "pulled from in-ring action," and it's not known how serious her injury is and how long she could be out for.

With Banks absent from Raw, Lynch wound up confronting Charlotte Flair during the latest segment of Miz TV. The two were interrupted by The Kabuki Warriors, and it set the stage for a tag team match, which Asuka and Kairi Sane won.

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Lynch and Banks put together what could go down as the top match of 2019. Both of them performed a handful of world-class stunts, each taking their fair share of big-time bumps. Though Banks is injured, she deserves plenty of praise for putting it all out there.

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Banks returned to the WWE in August after spending four months away to ponder her future. Her rivalry with Lynch has been a massive success up to this point, but if Banks is out for a while, the company will have to draw up a new feud for the Raw Women's Champion.

What Banks' Possible Absence Could Mean

If Banks misses some time, it'll be interesting to see which talent will step up to class with Lynch next. The WWE draft takes place on this week's episode of SmackDown plus next week's edition of Raw, so the opportunity is there for the creative team to start building up a new feud with Lynch.

As for Banks, one can only hope that she won't be out for a long period of time. Her heel turn has been nothing short of excellent, and she's a top main event talent in the women's division. Losing her for a long period - especially after she was gone for four months -  would be quite the blow for WWE creative.

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