Sasha Banks Or Nia Jax Will Take Bayley's Place At SummerSlam

Sasha Banks and Nia Jax will face off on next week's Raw to decide who takes on Alexa Bliss for the Raw Women's title at SummerSlam.

The Raw Women's Championship match was all set for SummerSlam. Bayley became the number one contender to Alexa Bliss's crown after beating Sasha Banks. A pretty big spanner was thrown into that plan however when Bayley injured her shoulder while wrestling Nia Jax last week, and further tests confirmed that the former champ would indeed miss SummerSlam. This past week on Raw, WWE put a new plan in to play.

Two triple threat women's matches took place this past Monday night. The first saw Sasha Banks overcome Alicia Fox and Emma, while the second had Nia Jax defeat Dana Brooke and Mickie James. All of that means Jax and The Boss will go one-on-one next week to decide who will get the opportunity to take on Bliss.


Before the triple threat matches, former number one contender Bayley came to the ring to address the WWE Universe and thank them for the well wishes she received over the past week. The reaction she got wasn't quite what she was expecting, however, and in all fairness, it was pretty baffling. Boos rang around the arena which understandably left Raw's Resident Hugger a little flustered and flat out confused. Luckily Sasha came to the rescue shortly after and got the first triple threat match underway.


It's hard to tell at this point who WWE has penciled in to win next week's number one contender's match. Sasha Banks is a four-time champion already and a fan favorite, but on the other hand, Jax is clearly someone WWE wants to invest a lot of time in, plus it would be a nice twist for the woman who took out Bayley to take her place. She is a friend of Bliss however, both in real life and on screen, and it would seem like a waste to blow that story line with only a couple of weeks to build to their potential match.



It never seems fair when a Superstar has to give up a title shot, or sometimes an actual title. It's something that happens all too often in WWE, however, so they always have a plan B. Banks and Jax are really the only women on a similar level to Alexa on Raw right now, as was demonstrated by the status of the other women in the triple threat matches, so it makes sense that one of them - or possibly both of them - would be selected to face Five Feet of Fury at SummerSlam.

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