Sasha Banks Says Fans Hate Roman Reigns Because They're Jealous

In a recent interview this month while in Australia, Sasha Banks was asked who she thinks is currently the best male wrestler on the WWE's roster. Although Sasha acknowledged that it was a very hard question, the first name that popped into Banks' mind was "The Big Dog" Roman Reigns. Considering Banks proclaimed that it was too tough of a question to ask, she gave two more names that somewhat describe the best male wrestler in WWE today —"The Swiss Superman" Cesaro and "The Phenomenal One" AJ Styles.

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"I love Roman Reigns. Whether you guys love him, boo him, hate him - I think all the guys are jealous of him," says Banks in an interview at the Victoria Zoo. "He is an incredible athlete. He's one to watch. He does it and kills it every single week".

Focusing in on Sasha's explanation that guys are jealous of Reigns, can we really say that she's far off from the truth? Though many fans proclaim their hatred for Reigns stems from his "super push" (being in or around the main event while taking part in high profile feuds), it is highly probable that jealousy is also a reason for the hate directed towards Reigns from the male audiences. Sure, there are some women who are proud "anti-Reigns" fans, but the people that make up the largest percentage of Reign's haters are male.


Why are men jealous of Reigns? Well, that's not an easy question to answer, though the fact that so many women go nuts whenever he enters an arena may be one of the factors. Perhaps men are jealous of Reign's looks, or they're jealous of his athleticism and strength. As you are likely aware, it is unlikely that there is only one reason why the male fans are jealous of Reigns.

However, many will argue Sasha Banks' opinion regarding "The Big Dog". Instead, the men will likely blame their hatred for Roman because of his "undeserving" monster push, and because of Reigns constantly being shoved into the main event scene when they believe there are far more deserving candidates to fill Reigns' current position as "face of the company" or at the very least, "face of Monday Night Raw".

Regardless, as we have stated already, Banks is probably "right on the money" when it comes down to why so many male fans despise Reigns—it all stems from some form of jealousy. Considering Banks' opinion has drawn a lot of fan backlash, it is clear that it is closer to the truth than not.


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