Sasha Banks Throws More Shade At Alexa Bliss

The Boss isn't shy about voicing her displeasure of another of the WWE's top women Superstars.

Sasha Banks and Alexa Bliss are not big fans of one another. In the build to Survivor Series, The Boss reminded us of that.

With the sheer amount of Superstars in WWE there are bound to be a fair few people that don't get along. In fact with the amount of time they have to spend together competing and traveling fallings out probably happen a lot more than we realize. Two Superstars in particular that we know don't like each other are Alexa Bliss and Sasha Banks.

Sine the current Raw Women's Champion has been on Monday nights the two of them have understandably been forced to work together. While they remain professional in the ring, outside of it Banks and Bliss simply don't like each other. The Boss has been the most vocal when it comes to their fractured relationship, previously calling Alexa out and claiming that she wasn't a wrestling fan.


It has been a few months now since there was last a development between the two of them, that was until this past weekend. Charlotte Flair tweeted Bliss as a part of the build to their match at Survivor Series. The Queen wrote about how she had competed with some of the best athletes the business has to offer while insinuating that Bliss does not fall into that category.

All pretty harmless from Charlotte and a part of the act, but then Banks replied in approval of Flair's tweet. Considering later that day Banks and Bliss were supposed to both be representing Raw and going against Charlotte and the rest of Team Blue, it didn't look good. Fans questioned The Boss's loyalty to Team Raw to which Banks replied 'I'm team ME!'.

Survivor Series is in the past now, of course, and perhaps Banks was simply planning ahead. The war between Raw and SmackDown Live is now over and normal service will be resumed. That means Bliss will have to go back to defending her Women's Championship and perhaps a shot at it is in the offing for The Boss. If she does win it in the near future let's hope it lasts for a little longer than any of her previous reigns.


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Sasha Banks Throws More Shade At Alexa Bliss