5 Reasons Sasha Banks Should Come Back To WWE (& 5 Why She Shouldn’t)

There are plenty of Sasha Banks fans out there within the WWE Universe and beyond, and rightfully so. The multi-time former Women's Champion has done some fantastic things during her time in the world of professional wrestling, and given her age, it feels like this is only the beginning for her.

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Despite this, though, recent events have led to her taking a hiatus from WWE. Some fans believe she'll be back sooner rather than later, but for the most part, there's still a lot of uncertainty. Today, we're going to take a look at the best reasons for her sticking around - and the best reasons for her looking towards pastures new.

10 SHOULD: Becky Lynch Feud

We’ve seen it before down in NXT, we’ve seen an extension of it on the main roster, and now, it’s time for us to see it in live and living color. Becky Lynch is one of the most over superstars in all of WWE right now, and it’s time to give her a feud and storyline that matters.

Sasha Banks is unbelievably popular, and regardless of whether it’s as a face or a heel, she needs to come back and challenge Becky Lynch to a match. These two women have so much history together, and yet, WWE hasn’t been all too interested in showcasing that.

9 SHOULDN’T: Seemingly Poor Treatment

Numerous reports indicated that Banks felt like she was being treated poorly by the company, which was one of the primary reasons as to why she decided to take some time off from the company. Some would argue that’s a bit of an exaggeration whereas others may not, but either way Sasha has been speaking her piece over the course of the last few months – and she certainly hasn’t been subtle about it.

Regardless of what you may believe, though, nobody can deny that there must be at least an element of truth to the story.

8 SHOULD: It’s Familiar

It’s the same reason why we all go back to the job we supposedly hate or we stick together with a partner in a relationship that we know is destined to fail: it’s familiar. If it’s what you know, and you’re a creature of habit, then, of course, you’re going to stick with the status quo.

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There are a million and one different reasons as to why some fans believe she is better off heading away from WWE’s limelight, but sometimes, the easiest options are the ones that we gravitate towards the most.

7 SHOULDN’T: Heal Her Body

One of the biggest issues with Sasha Banks’ career up to this point has been her health. It’s no secret that she has been subjected to bad injury after bad injury after bad injury, to the point where a lot of fans were actively campaigning for her to stop doing so many high-risk things during her matches.

Alas, that’s just her style, and it doesn’t feel like she’s going to tone that down anytime soon – regardless of where she goes to wrestle. As such, now feels like the perfect time for her to go off, rest her body, and just generally find herself again.

6 SHOULD: Possible Heel Turn

She’s been a face ever since she came up to the main roster (well, kind of, but you know) and we’re all a little bit tired of it. So, instead of the same old, same old, we’d be fascinated to see what Sasha could do if she was given the creative license of being a heel once again.

She’s done it before down in NXT, and boy oh boy did it work. She set the world on fire during her run against Bayley, with their Takeover: Brooklyn match still being viewed as one of the greatest NXT matches in history.

5 SHOULDN’T: Fan Perception

She may not care too much about this point, but some fans are really going to get on her back if she decides to go back to WWE. She has thrown a few shots at them here and there and even teased going to rival companies, so as such, a simple return with very little build or hype could rub folks the wrong way.

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Of course, that’s just a perception, and there could be more to it than that. However, Banks has always come across as someone that wanted to know what others thought of her.

4 SHOULD: Four Horsewomen Showdown

The Four Horsewomen of WWE and the Four Horsewomen of MMA are now all in WWE, and if that isn’t a sign that they should pull the trigger on a 4v4 showdown between the eight women, then nothing is. Seriously, we’re kind of surprised it hasn’t happened yet.

This is the kind of match that could even main event WrestleMania, which certainly seems to be one of the primary goals that Sasha Banks has left in her career. If she’s going to be brought back into the fold, then this is the kind of storyline that could really entice her.

3 SHOULDN’T: Travel Schedule

It may not be something that Sasha specifically isn’t a fan of, but let’s face it, none of the guys and girls in WWE are going to be all too pleased about the prospect of being on the road for 250+ days of the year. It is, to be blunt, an utterly absurd schedule for them to keep track of.

Nobody should be made to travel that much, especially when WWE doesn’t really seem to look after their superstars anywhere near as much as they should. We could understand if Banks was frustrated by that.

2 SHOULD: She Fits The Style

There’s no guarantee that Sasha’s style is going to work in any other notable promotion around the world. What we can say, though, is that it’s a virtual guarantee that she would be more than capable of settling back into the way things work in WWE.

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It’s a company she knows, it’s a company she has worked for now for the majority of her career, and it’s where she made a name for herself. If she can’t stay suited to the style there, then you could argue she can’t do it anywhere else.

1 SHOULDN’T: All Elite Wrestling

The new kids on the block. A lot of people probably aren’t going to like it, but the fact of the matter of this: All Elite Wrestling is here to stay, and there’s not really a single thing that WWE can do to stop it. Sasha herself clearly knows this, too, after she recently followed AEW on Twitter – teasing the idea of jumping ship.

We’re pretty confident in saying she wouldn’t go through with it right now, mainly because her contract probably wouldn’t allow for it to happen, but it is definitely a possibility within the next few years.

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