10 Wrestlers That Even Their Peers Are Afraid Of

While wrestlers portray tough characters on television in order to make fans really believe in everything that is happening inside the ring, in real life the vast majority of them are just normal people who don't want any trouble.

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Wrestlers like to get on with their lives without any issues, and backstage they are often incredibly bubbly and fun to be around, no matter what their gimmick is inside of the ring.

However, a select few are well known for being incredibly tough and at times scary, with even their fellow wrestlers actually being afraid of them, and within this list, we will rank 10 examples of talent who wrestlers themselves fear.

10 Iron Sheik

We kick off the list with the legendary Iron Sheik, who is a wrestler who is well known for not keeping his thoughts and opinions to himself, being more than capable of telling people exactly what he thinks.

While he still does that to this day on the safety of Twitter, during the peak of his career Sheik never had a problem in teaching younger wrestlers a thing or two inside the ring, which would certainly put the fear into them.

Sheik was also more than happy to handle business backstage as well if anybody dared mess with him, as one of the sports legitimate tough guys.

9 Ken Shamrock

Ken Shamrock has always been known as one of the toughest guys in wrestling and someone that you would not want to mess with, which is why every locker room he has been in hasn't wanted to anger him.

Tales of Shamrock fighting date back all the way to his teenage years, with the former UFC athlete having a very aggressive side which he ended up channelling into mixed martial arts and professional wrestling.

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Even at this stage in his career, Shamrock is in a better physical condition that the vast majority of wrestlers and he certainly is still someone you don't want to cross.

8 Brock Lesnar

An obvious name that the wrestlers around the world fear is Brock Lesnar, with the Beast being one of the most legitimate tough guys in the history of professional wrestling, as he proved during his UFC career.

Lesnar isn't a man of many words, and that seems to only make the aura of him even scarier, with fans and fellow-wrestlers being legitimately afraid of him at times.

While the Beast has never intentionally hurt anyone in the ring, that doesn't mean that people aren't wary of the fact he is a trained fighter with an amateur wrestling background, making him someone you wouldn't want to mess with.

7 New Jack

New Jack has certainly gained a reputation of being someone that you wouldn't want to mess around with during his wrestling career, as a guy who could be violent both in and out of the ring.

While New Jack was involved in some great moments, he was also a talent who wasn't afraid to put himself about as his tolerance for punishment was incredibly high.

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New Jack was someone who crossed many wrestlers during his career and didn't have a great reputation, but he did have a reputation for being someone that even his fellow wrestlers were scared of.

6 Sin Cara

This is an entry that might surprise a lot of fans, considering the fact that throughout the vast majority of his career Sin Cara has been portrayed as someone very beatable and not particularly tough.

However, just because he can fly around the ring, flipping and diving and doing some amazing aerial work, that doesn't mean that he isn't a legitimate fighter underneath it all.

Throughout his time in WWE Sin Cara has been involved in several backstage fights with the likes of Simon Gotch and Sheamus, coming out on top and building a reputation for himself in the process.

5 Vader

Sadly, Big Van Vader is no longer with us, with his unfortunate passing rocking the wrestling world to its core. When he passed there was an incredible outpouring of respect, and one reason for that is because he earned it from everyone.

The way Vader did that was by being a legitimate tough guy who nobody wanted to mess around with, as Vader was both tough outside the ring and inside the ring, being known for working a very stiff style.

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His bouts in Japan against the likes of Stan Hansen are legendary, with the two men beating the hell out of each other. An example of his madness is when Hansen accidentally poked Vader's eye out of the socket, to which he just popped it back in and kept wrestling.

4 Minoru Suzuki

Another legend of the Japanese wrestling scene is Minoru Suzuki who also has a strong reputation for being a legitimate tough man and someone that fans and his own peers are afraid of.

While Suzuki is a very safe worker, he has been known to work an unbelievably stiff style in the ring, jam-packed with strikes and chops that make him a lethal competitor who wrestlers don't want to anger.

The fact that Suzuki's gimmick is so serious also adds to the mystique of him as a talent, with few people wanting to cross him on a bad day.

3 The Undertaker

While The Undertaker isn't known for going out and fighting talent in real life, like some of the people on this list, he is a wrestler that his peers are certainly afraid of, mainly due to the respect he has from everyone in the business.

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The Undertaker is the ultimate locker room leader and what he says goes in the world of WWE, with nobody in the WWE locker room likely to say anything against him or dare to argue with him.

The Deadman never needed to get involved in physical altercations with a talent to prove his point, as the respect level that he earned did all the talking for him.

2 Scott Steiner

Just take one look at Scott Steiner, would you really want to get into a fight with him? While his massive size is one reason to not want to get into a fight with him, the fact that Steiner is a bit of a loose cannon is another.

There are so many stories about incidents Steiner has been involved in behind the scenes that he has built up a reputation for himself amongst his peers as a man you do not want to get on the wrong side of.

According to Jim Ross, the reason Bill Watts carried a gun during his WCW days was due to being scared of Scott Steiner, showing just how seriously the fear of him is.

1 Haku

When it comes to legitimate tough guys and wrestlers that those inside the industry are scared of, Haku takes the top prize, with the former WWE Superstar and current part-time Bullet Club member being a man that everyone is terrified of.

Haku has never shied away from getting involved in backstage altercations or confrontations, having no issues in letting people know how he feels with his fists, happily locking in various holds and submissions when necessary.

The locker room would often stay way out of Haku's way when he was in a bad mood, due to the fact he has a serious reputation for being a hard man with unbelievable strength. Put it this way, don't mess with Haku under any circumstances.

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