10 Scenarios For 2019 Triple H Would Book If He Was In Charge (And 10 We’ll Get Instead)

Let’s just say 2018 featured a lot of bizarre booking. At times, it felt as though we were tuning into old WCW PPVs with a reliance on the older guard. Somehow, the likes of The Undertaker, Shawn Michaels, Kane and Triple H were closing out shows altogether. With all due respect to those four, this shouldn’t be taking place in 2018, maybe a decade earlier.

Had this been Triple H’s WWE, such a match wouldn’t have went down. In fact, the main shows might be a much different place. In this article, we speculate and pull out our crystal ball identifying scenarios Triple H would probably book if he was the one in charge. On the contrary, we’ll look at Vince’s view and the scenarios that are likely to go down instead. As you’ll come to realize, the two have much different views when it comes to booking television. However, at the end of the day, the reality is, Vince rules all.

We’ll speculate what is to take place at events like the Royal Rumble and WrestleMania. Along with those marquee events, we also fast-forward to October of 2019. That date is a significant one as WWE is set to launch on FOX. We discuss how different things might be on the network depending on who’s in charge.

Enjoy the article folks and like always be sure to share it with a friend. Without further ado, here are 10 scenarios for 2019 Triple H would book if he was in charge and 10 we’ll get instead. Let’s get started!

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20 Triple H – NXT Invasion

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This one is an actual possibility as earlier in the summer it was said that behind the scenes, WWE is planning an invasion with its NXT wrestlers at some point in 2019. This would make a lot of sense especially with the FOX deal looming. It can give NXT the perfect amount of national exposure while maybe getting the brand a deal with FOX Sports.

We expect Triple H to be front and center for this storyline both on-screen and backstage behind the curtain. Without a doubt, this is a storyline Triple H approves given the abundance of talent his brand has to offer.

19 We’ll Get Instead - SmackDown Roster Improves Dramatically

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In October of 2019 WWE is set to debut on FOX. For the time being, McMahon likely isn’t thinking about the NXT invasion angle. Perhaps, he’s thinking more about bolstering the SmackDown Live roster event further.

With such a prestigious network and timeslot, expect McMahon to go all-in when it comes to his program. In all likelihood, it’ll become the A show. It is unknown what’ll happen to the roster, whether McMahon ends the Brand Split or if he beefs things up a little. No matter what happens, expect the likes of Elias, Ronda Rousey and Seth Rollins to make the jump at that point.

18 Triple H - Sasha Banks Heel Turn

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In Triple H’s world, we would see some dramatic heel turns. Take NXT as an example. Who could have anticipated Johnny Gargano turning heel? Hunter loves that element of surprise.

This one really wouldn’t be much of a surprise, in truth. Sasha Banks is in desperate need of a change. The babyface shtick just doesn’t work when you’re trying to act like a boss. Hunter knows that all too well as he helped Banks in her character development during the NXT days. Banks enjoyed the prime run of her career with the heel persona and no doubt, Triple H would go back down the road if he was in charge during 2019.

17 We’ll Get Instead - Women’s Tag Titles

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For the time being, Vince might be thinking about Sasha as a tag wrestler in the division that should be launching in 2019. Surely, she’ll partner up with Bayley given their long-term relationship with one another.

WWE reps are starting to handout Women’s Tag Tag Championship signs meaning, there is definitely some seriousness when it comes to launching these belts. The timeline is unknown at the moment, however by 2019, they should be in full force. A lot of that decision has to do with Hunter’s vision at the end of the day, however McMahon is the one that approves all.

16 Triple H - Finn Balor Wins The Rumble As The Demon

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Triple H has always been incredibly high on the talent of Finn Balor. He was booked pretty much flawlessly by The Game throughout his NXT run. Finn had similar success early on during his main roster run. He was even crowned the first Universal Champion and defeated Roman Reigns (clean) along the way. However, the push subsided after sustaining an injury during his title win.

With Reigns on the shelf, we’re assuming Hunter would go back to pushing The Demon, similar to his NXT days. How great would it be to see Finn entering the Rumble with his Demon persona and winning it all? In Hunter’s WWE, this scenario is one likely to unfold. However the reality isn’t so optimistic...

15 We’ll Get Instead - Repeat Rumble Winner

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Triple H promotes something new while McMahon constantly utilizes stars from the past. In truth, given all the older talents in the main event scene nowadays, WWE is starting to look a lot like WCW back in the day with the older, slower guard headlining shows, while those in their prime are working the mid-card slot.

It appears as though he might be using this formula for the Rumble this year. According to the rumors, McMahon wants a repeat Rumble winner. Among the favorites are two veterans, The Undertaker and John Cena. In all likelihood, expect a Rumble winner over the age of 40 for this year.

14 Triple H - Bobby Roode As The Intercontinental Champion

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We’re not saying Vince doesn’t know how to book wrestlers. However, we’ve seen the boss fail in the past on many occasions when it comes to wrestlers that were great in NXT.

Bobby Roode flourished as a former NXT Champion. A lot of his success had to do with his heel persona matched with his great promos. These days, he just appears to be a dude in a robe. In Triple H’s WWE, Roode would be the arrogant heel from NXT while winning the Intercontinental Championship for the first time in his career.

13 We’ll Get Instead – Elias As The Intercontinental Champion

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Vince gets a lot of heat for his failures in maximizing the usage of certain performers. However, he doesn’t get praise for evolving certain performers into great Superstars. Take Baron Corbin as an example. His promos were awful with NXT and he really didn’t have much of a gimmick. These days, Corbin is RAW’s GM and a pretty decent one at that. We have clearance on his gimmick and his microphone work is incomparable to his days with NXT.

The same can be said for Elias who turned into a mega star under Vince’s watch. He’ll continue to thrive as one of the most popular wrestlers in WWE during 2019. Expect a lengthy IC Title run when the time is right.

12 Triple H – Major Asuka Push

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Rarely does Triple H book a wrestler to actual perfection. However, that was the case with Asuka who didn’t lose a single match with NXT. All his hard work went out the window following this past WrestleMania. Not only did Charlotte Flair end Asuka's streak, but she hasn’t been the same since completely lost in the shuffle.

She had an interesting persona prior to her call up. Asuka was evolving into an arrogant heel that wasn’t taking her opponents seriously and basically toying with them. If it were up to Triple H, she would be back to using the gimmick while finally claiming the Women’s Championship.

11 We’ll Get Instead - Iconic Duo Push

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When it comes to pushing female talent, we’ve seen Vince throw us so many curve balls in the past. This started with the rise of Alexa Bliss back in 2016 and it continued this year as he pushed Carmella to the moon as a lengthy champion for SmackDown Live.

We expect this type of trajectory to continue on in 2019. Instead of Asuka being the obvious candidate for a push, it’ll likely be The Iconics getting the nod instead. According to current speculation, Asuka’s lack of English might be holding her back. Only in WWE!

10 Triple H - Becky Lynch vs. Ronda Rousey At WrestleMania

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Triple H does a much better job at listening to what the people want. That’s rather apparent when it comes to his style of booking with NXT. When it comes to the Women’s division, there is no talent close to the popularity of Becky Lynch these days, not even Ronda Rousey.

In Hunter’s WWE, he would continue on with Lynch’s prominent push while setting up a match with Rousey – instead, we’re getting this match at Survivor Series. Just imagine how great this scenario could have been with Lynch dropping the title at the Rumble and then stealing someone’s spot to enter at number 30 and win it all. Sadly, that won’t be the case.

9 We’ll Get Instead - Ronda Rousey vs. Charlotte Flair At WrestleMania

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Instead, this is the likely scenario to take place. Following Charlotte’s victory over Asuka last year, fans began to discuss this match as a major possibility for the following year’s show. This still appears to be the plan.

With the Rumble looming, we expect Charlotte to end her recent losing streak and rise through the ashes like a Phoenix, being crowned as the second Women's Royal Rumble winner. It’ll lead to the match Vince always wanted against Ronda Rousey in front of the bright lights of WrestleMania.

8 Triple H - Major Shinsuke Nakamura Push

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It is hard to believe, but these days, Shinsuke Nakamura has turned into the forgotten champion in WWE. His United States Championship run has been quite forgettable and comparable to Alberto Del Rio’s just years ago when he dethroned John Cena. In both cases, the title lost so much value.

A lot of that has to do with Nakamura’s booking. He isn’t a special attraction and he typically loses in marquee matches. Clearly, he hasn’t been the same since that loss to Jinder Mahal.

Hunter would fix this up, turning Nakamura back into a babyface and making him an attraction act that wrestles a little less. However, when we do see him in the ring, what a treat it is. That factor has been lost under Vince. Instead he’s just a regular guy on the roster heading into 2019.

7 We’ll Get Instead - Major Drew McIntyre Push

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We don’t fault Vince McMahon one bit for pushing Drew McIntyre to the moon. A recent episode of RAW was another example of Drew’s terrific work as a heel. His encounter with Kurt Angle in the main event match was truly something to behold and a dramatic piece of storytelling we haven’t seen in so long. The match wasn't robotic and two took their time to tell us a phenomenal story in the ring - the actual point of a match.

Not only that, the guy looks like a million bucks and he somehow moves flawlessly in the ring despite his mammoth size. Heck, he pulls a flying lariat off the top rope! He deserves this push and we expect Vince to maximize it during 2019, likely leading to a Universal Championship run.

6 Triple H - Brock Lesnar Out Of The Picture

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Vince McMahon continues to rely heavily on Brock Lesnar, a part-time act. Somehow, as we near the end of 2018, Lesnar is still the Universal Champion, having recently won the title. It’s like a nightmare for WWE fans at this point.

In Triple H’s WWE, Lesnar would have no such spot. Part-time acts shouldn’t be carrying around championships. Hunter knows that all too well while Vince is yet to get that memo. Nonetheless, Brock is the current champion despite the fact that he has only two matches remaining on his contract extension. One set to take place in just a couple of weeks against AJ Styles.

5 We’ll Get Instead - Braun Strowman And Brock Lesnar Feud Continues

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WWE fans can expect Lesnar to hold the championship heading into 2019. He’ll take on AJ Styles at Survivor Series, however, an appearance at TLC doesn’t appear to be the plan. According to the recent speculation, McMahon plans on continuing the Lesnar and Braun Strowman rivalry. These two will continue on with the feud.

It’ll likely come to an end at the Royal Rumble or at WrestleMania. At this point, fans shouldn’t expect a new face entering the championship picture, Vince seems adamant at keeping this the same in the new calendar year.

4 Triple H - Shawn Michaels and AJ Styles At WrestleMania

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It remains unknown whether or not Shawn Michaels is to wrestle one more match. At this point, the future seems unclear. However, if HBK is to take part in one more bout, it’ll likely happen against either AJ Styles or The Undertaker.

If Triple H would be the one to decide, his view would likely be to promote the current guard against the old guard. This is a classic way of storytelling and one Triple H would likely go through with as the plan. This is a once in a life time type of match everyone wants to see. Hunter would oblige to booking such an encounter.

3 We’ll Get Instead - Shawn Michaels and The Undertaker At WrestleMania

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With Survivor Series just a couple of weeks away, it would be foolish to book a Shawn Michaels vs. The Undertaker match at this point. Prior to the Crown Jewel encounter, this was the rumored scenario to take place.

Vince might be giving these guys some extra time off to gather themselves. However, once 2019 kicks in, it’ll be back to business for Vince. He’ll likely revisit the possibility of this match taking place. Surely, it’ll be The Undertaker's final match and likely HBK’s final encounter as well. Look for this to potentially take shape in the next couple of months.

2 Triple H - Tommaso Ciampa and Johnny Gargano Join Main Roster As Heels

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At the moment, the RAW roster clearly has a shortage of heels. With a talent push needed, Triple H would have the perfect solution by introducing two new NXT stars. We’re talking about Johnny Gargano and Tommaso Ciampa.

Such a duo can make an immediate impact in the upper card scene playing the role of invaders, similar to the nWo back in the day. No need to bring anyone back from the past. WWE has more than capable talent down in NXT. Hunter knows that more than anyone else but does Vince?

1 We’ll Get Instead - More 2019 Returns

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Who needs something similar to the nWo when you can bring back the actual group! Sarcasm? Yes, a little bit. Unfortunately, this seems to be Vince’s preferred path as of late. We can expect returns from the old guard to continue in 2019.

The nWo are among the top names rumored for a return. Batista is another name that might appear at WrestleMania. Both Trish Stratus and Lita are also confirmed for the 2019 WrestleMania show according to the recent speculation. Expect the flurry of wrestlers from the past to continue in 2019.

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