Backstage News: The Revival's Scott Dawson Close To In-Ring Return

Scott Dawson of Revival is on the mend, and the tag-team may reform in just a few weeks if his most recent health update is anything to go by.

We probably shouldn't blame you if you've forgotten all about The Revival on Monday Night Raw. In fact, we might not be blaming you either if you forgot that the red brand has other tag teams not called The Shield or The Bar. Indeed, with all the injuries and questionable booking, Raw's tag team division is extremely top-heavy these days, but if a new report is to be believed, The Revival should be back to bolster the division sometime in the first few weeks of 2018, as Scott Dawson is now expected to return soon from his bicep injury.

According to PWInsider, the current timetable for Dawson's recovery from injury is at four to six weeks, which means we can probably expect him to reunite with tag teammate Dash Wilder sometime between early and mid-January next year. That also means a possible return ahead of the Royal Rumble, though, given the dual-band nature of the Rumble pay-per-view, we can't say if The Revival will be fighting for the Raw Tag Team Championships that soon on pay-per-view.


Since debuting on the main roster on the Raw after WrestleMania 33, The Revival has picked up a couple big wins against The New Day, but found themselves off television more often than they've been on it. Wilder broke his jaw at an NXT live event shortly after said main roster debut, and while he appeared in a few segments as he recovered from his injury, the two-time NXT Tag Team Champions did not take part in any in-ring action.

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It was Dawson's turn to be hurt in August, and shortly after that injury took place, he was expected to be out until December. As such, it seems that he's taken a bit longer than expected to heal up, but the important thing is that Dawson is on his way back, finally giving Wilder something to do, as he's been off TV since his partner's injury.


No thanks to injuries to the likes of Dawson and Jeff Hardy, and the unfortunate irrelevance of Luke Gallows and Karl Anderson at this point in their WWE run, Monday Night Raw's tag team division has had so little to offer outside of the long-running feud between reigning three-time champions The Bar and Dean Ambrose and Seth Rollins of The Shield. But with Dawson expected to return well before Hardy does, having The Revival back in action should give whoever is champion by next month quite the run for their money.

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