Scott Hall Explains Why The nWo Helped Sting

A lot of fans were puzzled at WrestleMania as to why Sting lost his first WWE match to Triple H. However what many fans were more puzzled by was the fact that the nWo, Sting's biggest enemies during the Monday Night Wars, helped Sting in his match with Triple H.

Fans may have gotten a fix of nostalgia, seeing nWo and DX in the same ring, but again it made no sense that Sting being a WCW guy through and through, was helped by a group whose purpose was to destroy WCW. Were we supposed to be led to forget all that? Do we not remember what the story was during the war? Would it have made sense for the Corporation to return and help Stone Cold if he was working a match at WrestleMania?

Either way, Scott Hall answered that question from a fan on Twitter, and gave just about the only logical reason any of us could guess. $$$

@RealChrisFaught No comment....$$$$$

— Scott Hall (@SCOTTHALLNWO) April 4, 2015

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Scott Hall Explains Why The nWo Helped Sting