Scott Hall Reportedly Kicked Out Of Airport Bar For Intoxication

Scott Hall was recently removed from a T.G.I. Friday's in the Atlanta airport for being drunk, rowdy and verbally abusing a bartender.

TMZ reports that Hall was at the establishment drinking beer and tequila shots. He allegedly hit on the bartender then called her a b****. Things escalated when it turned out the bartender's father was also at the bar.

When Hall was asked to leave, he refused, and someone promptly called the cops. Sources told TMZ that officers recognized Scott Hall, shook his hand and calmed the situation. Hall then left without further incident and no police report was filed.

This is disappointing to hear, given Hall's history of alcohol and drug abuse. He was reportedly sober for a while, but it seems his addiction consumed him. Hopefully he's able to rebound from this.

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