Scott Hall Says NXT Is The Hottest Show On Television

Scott Hall was around for NXT's shows on WrestleMania weekend and was blown away by what he saw, claiming he wants to be around NXT.

Hall said, "It's the hottest wrestling show on TV, I wanna be around hot things."

Hall says he loves NXT because it reminds him so much of when he started wrestling. The Bad Guy says hanging out backstage made him feel young again and gave him a familiar feeling of when he started out.

Hall also said that NXT is a way for WWE to compete with itself. "Their nearest competition is their developmental system, it's not even called developmental anymore, it's just NXT."

It sure feels good to see Hall in good health and so enthusiastic about life around him and the wrestling business again. It sounds like he was lobbying for a role within NXT and he'd sure be a great mind to have around for the young rising stars.

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