Scott Steiner Blasts Triple H On Twitter

Scott Steiner’s disdain for the WWE is nothing new — he’s been hating on the company ever since they let him go in 2004. And with longtime nemesis Triple H fresh off an appearance on The Tonight Show, Big Poppa Pump was back on the warpath, and ready to talk trash at the Game.

For those who weren’t aware of Triple H’s Tonight Show appearance, the 14-time World Champion appeared on Friday night’s episode, right after host Jimmy Fallon was sending out “thank you” notes to a number of people and things. As Fallon thanked Triple H for “sounding less like a WWE Superstar and more like an extra-strength hemorrhoid cream,” that was the cue for Trips to come out, with “The Game” playing in the background, and body slam Fallon through his gimmicked desk. Triple H then invited viewers to watch SummerSlam on the WWE Network, playing his role to the hilt as he pretended nothing happened.


The skit was short, sweet, and for a lot of viewers, a hilarious way to promote WWE’s next big pay-per-view, which takes place tonight at the Barclays Center in Brooklyn. But according to Wrestling Inc., Scott Steiner wasn’t a fan of Triple H’s Tonight Show appearance, as he took to Twitter to call the King of Kings a “candy-a**” trying to convince WWE fans that he’s a “tough guy” by body slamming the much smaller Jimmy Fallon.

In true Scott Steiner spirit, the Big Bad Booty Daddy wasn’t through ranting about Triple H, as he went on to say that he’d put his money on Fallon if it was a real fight. He took issue with the fact that Triple H isn’t booked to appear on SummerSlam, adding that WWE should have had someone booked to compete at tonight’s pay-per-view handle the media appearances and promote the event. Steiner then concluded his rant by referencing another big event people are eagerly awaiting — Monday’s total solar eclipse.


“WWE wrestlers don't have to wait till Monday for solar eclipse. They are blocked 365 days a year by that (S.O.B.)”



This isn't the first time in recent months that Steiner has beefed with Triple H on social media. In June, he cut an interview with Ring Rust Radio, repeatedly calling Trips "Hunter McMahon," and did the same when he spoke to Wrestling Inc. later that month, explaining that he calls Triple H that because it's his wife, Stephanie McMahon, who wears the pants. The Billion Dollar Princess wasn't free of Steiner's criticism, as he also made reference to the long-standing rumor that Steph once had an affair with a much older "Macho Man" Randy Savage when she was a teenager.


Yes, Scott, we get it. We know you hate the WWE. But can't you at least let bygones be bygones, and recognize that Triple H was just doing his job by promoting SummerSlam on a popular television program? He may not be booked tonight, but he is, at the end of the day, a WWE executive, on top of his occasional duties as a wrestler and on-air authority figure.

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