Scott Steiner Calls Out Hulk Hogan With A Million Dollar Challenge!!

Firstly, let's credit Steiner for cutting a somewhat understandable promo. That's not always the case with Big Poppa Pump.

Now, after the weirdness between Steiner, Hogan and Hogan's wife, which you can read about here, Steiner has decided to take the Macho Man route and challenge Hogan via YouTube. The idea here is that Hogan made his name by slamming Andre the Giant and if he can slam Big Poppa Pump at the Legends of Wrestling event in New York, Steiner will give him a million of his own dollars. You can find more info on the event here.

Will this work? Probably not. Though Hogan could probably use a little extra coin after his messy divorce, where some claim he lost 70% of his assets, he'll likely not show up to this freak show.

But if he did, that would be one of the most ridiculous things of all time and I'd pay a pretty penny to see it.

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