Scott Steiner Sounds Off On The WWE... Again.

To say that Scott Steiner is outspoken would be an understatement. Never one to shy away from a controversial topic, Scott Steiner did an interview last month with WhatCulture, where he completely obliterates the WWE and Stephanie McMahon/Triple H in particular.

Here's our favorite quote from it:

"WWE offered me a legends deal, you know. My lawyer looked at it, and it’s basically illegal. It’s not worth the paper that it’s written on, so f**k them. That’s why a lot of guys are leaving like Rey Mysterio and CM Punk and people like that. It’s a monopoly and the product suffers because of it. You have two dumba**es running it in Stephanie and her f**king husband Triple H. So the product suffers."

We suggest watching the entire video at the link above, as he's a

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Scott Steiner Sounds Off On The WWE... Again.