Sean Waltman Responds To Report That He Got Chyna Hooked On Drugs

Bleacher Report posted an article yesterday called "The Great Fall of Chyna" taking an in-depth look at WWE Superstar Chyna's rise and fall.

Sean Waltman (WWE's X-Pac) helped with the piece and is quoted in the article. However, in the piece, and in a promotional tweet for the article, it is claimed that Waltman got Chyna hooked on drugs.

Well, Waltman - obviously not to happy about those claims - appeared on The Tomorrow Show and had this to say about it:

"I'm used to reading all kinds of negative shit about myself but I didn’t expect it from these people who I spent hours and hours with, helping the author of that story, Jason King, great job. And they knew I spent hours contributing to that. And they still, they don’t give a fuck. Like you said, it’s click bait”.

“I’m not going to write their headlines for them but not fucking that! I mean it’s not true. It’s hard for me to say it’s not — I didn’t turn her on to drugs, I mean, we were both doing drugs already when we got together. So, and I do take my — I own my fucking part in her downfall, I just thought that was pretty fucked up for them to put that out there when I helped them out with that because she deserved — regardless of what went on between her and I, she was an amazing woman, very troubled, but an amazing woman that did a lot of fucking incredible shit and I wanted the story to be right, not bullshit."

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