Security! 15 Photos Of WWE Stars With Fans They Did Not Want To Take

Wrestling fans are a large community of fans that range from diehard, passionate fans that will pay big money to travel around the world to watch shows to a casual audience who just watch Raw on television. Because of this, wrestlers can be spotted all around the world wherever they go, especially when you reach the promised land of WWE which introduces you to millions of people. Because of this, when a wrestler is on the road traveling they can often be spotted by people who want to have a chat, grab an autograph and usually, a photograph.

Most of the time, wrestlers are very gracious with their time for fans, spending time with them even when they are away from work as they are aware without them they are nothing and don't have any career. However, on the odd occasion, the pictures just don't work out with the interaction clearly not going to plan for various reasons. Whether it's the place they are meeting or something that has happened during the conversation, the images showcase wrestlers looking either angry, unhappy, or simply not interested.

This article will look at 15 examples of photographs where the wrestlers desperately don't want to be involved and would prefer to be anywhere but right there.

15 The Uninterested Lunatic

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Wrestling fans will appear everywhere and bump into their favourite Superstars in all sorts of places outside of WWE and shopping is a common one, due to it being something everybody has to do. With wrestlers always on the road and needing to pop in to buy things, this is what appears to be happening here with Dean Ambrose having picked up a few items and likely wanting to get out of there as fast as possible.

Yet this fan must have asked for a quick picture and given the awkward half smile from the Lunatic Fringe, Ambrose appears to be wanting to rush away and get back on with his own things.

14 The Big Red Selfie Machine

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Kane had best learn his happy politician face quickly as he prepares to move into his political career, as he will be taking many pictures that he doesn't want to as he prepares for an election, hopefully, this image is not an example of that as he doesn't look impressed at all.

The fact that the fan and Kane have such an incredible height difference also doesn't help this image, with the fan being nowhere near Kane and the Big Red Monster staring off into the distance somewhere, looking anywhere but the camera. The WWE Veteran has likely taken many fan images during his long tenure and perhaps this was just an off day, but the future WWE Hall Of Fame talent doesn't want to be here at all.

13 Squeeze With The Big Dog

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When wrestling fans pay for the experience of a top meet and greet at a comic con they get a closer image and moment with the wrestler than just a quick snap at an Axxess event or out in public. Because of this, some fans have some strange requests for poses and ideas they want to do with the wrestler in question and that is exactly what this fan had in mind when she met Roman Reigns, asking for a tight squeeze.

How she explained this to Reigns is anybody's guess, but the Big Dog looks less than comfortable being involved in the plan and doesn't seem to be too pleased with the experience.

12 Shopping Stop

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Seth Rollins and Roman Reigns have simply stopped to grab some food in this image, likely to tide them over whilst they are on the road to another show, beaten, bruised and certainly tired, as you can tell by their faces.

While it must be a cool moment to bump into your heroes whilst you are working, asking them for a picture whilst they are trying to do some shopping is likely not going to put them in the greatest mood, which this image proves. The fan is awkwardly smiling, whilst both Rollins and Reigns just want the snap done as fast as possible before their fries go cold and stale, ready to hit the road again onto the next State.

11 No Dancing Here

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'Brock Lesnar Guy,' the wrestling fan who can be spotted at various events across the year near ringside in his trademark t-shirt also meets many wrestlers as often as possible, at hotels and airports, as this image proves.

Fandango was one of the wrestlers that the passionate fan met and while he is doing his best to put on a brave face and slight smile, the fact he has his headphones on is an evident sign that he doesn't want to be bothered. It's usually common courtesy to leave people alone who have headphones on as they obviously don't want to talk, but that didn't stop this fan requesting a picture.

10 Commentators Lose Their Cool

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Some fans will travel to airports and hotels to meet any wrestling personality possible for a picture and some autographs to add to a collection or be sold on eBay and this particular fan is one of them.

With the WWE roster likely being available to him, this fan has caught out long-time commentator, Michael Cole, who has clearly just gotten off a flight, likely having just picked up the bag given the carousel behind them. Michael Cole simply does not look interested in this photograph at all, with a phone in his hand, likely busy trying to do something. Cole just wants to get away.

9 The Deadman Expression

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Seeing The Undertaker out of character is a rarity in the world of wrestling, it's one of the reasons that the character has been one of the most successful in the history of the sport and a lot of that is down to him protecting kayfabe.

Even in this image, you can see he is covered up a little with glasses and a hat, trying to protect the character, but it isn't a frequent thing to see pictures of him popping up with fans in any circumstances. Perhaps this image is proof of the reason why, with the Deadman not looking overly impressed at the keen-eyed fan taking the snap, looking like he is ready to get away as quickly as possible.

8 Don't Anger A Giant

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An angry Big Show is something that nobody should ever have to encounter, but that is exactly what this fan appears to have dealt with in this picture, with the World's Largest Athlete sporting an interesting scowl on his face.

Whether it's the fact its an older picture and Show looks different to how he does now or if it is the bandana, he just doesn't seem to be happy to be involved with this fan, even though he is offering a slight thumbs up. The fan himself isn't exactly breaking into a massive smile himself, but Big Show just doesn't look like a man that wants to be having the picture, at all.

7 The Hounds Of Poor Photos

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Sometimes fans totally rush wrestlers and catch them off guard and this is an example of when that happens, with the Shield trio not looking prepared, or interested, in being involved in this fan interaction. Wrestling fans often like to make poses when they meet wrestlers, especially if they have a signature pose themselves, which can clearly be seen in this picture, which makes it even more awkward.

The fan is trying to hit the classic Shield fist post and not a single member of the Hounds Of Justice are interested in joining him, with Dean Ambrose barely in the shot and Roman Reigns not interested in the slightest, the Shield doesn't want to be in this picture at all.

6 Not Playing The Game

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This is an older image and proves that wrestlers have been awkwardly suffering pictures they didn't want to be involved in for many years, with this one going back to the Attitude Era. Perhaps it's because the fan is clearly a Rock and Mankind supporter, and not a Triple H fan or the fact that The Game is looking ready to move on somewhere with a bag in hand, but he doesn't look like a man who wants to stop for a picture.

Whether it's the fact that the two are nowhere near each other or the fact that Triple H isn't even attempting to pretend to be happy, the image just shows how desperate HHH is to leave the situation.

5 Brock Lesnar Off The A-List

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'Brock Lesnar Guy,' is an avid WWE fan who is often spotted in the same t-shirt at lots of events throughout the year, normally near the front row, he was the very excited man when Brock Lesnar made his return, hence the nickname he has inherited.

He is a very passionate fan who travels the country to enjoy WWE and as this image (and his Instagram) will prove, he manages to 'bump' into plenty of wrestlers during his spare time. Whether he finds them at airports or at hotels, he often meets wrestlers and they usually have good experiences and pictures, but this particular image is a little different. You can tell The Miz has just finished a long plane ride and didn't want to be getting pictures and would rather be anywhere else.

4 AJ Not Impressed

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AJ Lee is clearly not happy to be in the picture, that is putting it bluntly. The distance between her and the excited fan and the fact she is barely squeezing out a smile makes you wonder what sort of interaction had just taken place.

This picture took place at a paid event, which usually allows a fan more time and a close image rather than the rushed, over the table lean you get at an Axxess event, which means they will have had an interaction together just before. The fact there seems to be such a tension could point to that interaction being rather strange, but either way, AJ could have simply smiled to get the moment over with, instead, this awkward picture remains.

3 Brock Does Not Like People

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It is pretty common knowledge at this point that Brock Lesnar simply does not like human beings, at all. He doesn't enjoy interacting with them and prefers the company of himself and on the odd occasion, Paul Heyman.

If you need any further examples of this, then look no further than this image here where Lesnar met a group of excited fans, all who are clearly happy to be meeting the Beast, whilst he appears to not care in the slightest. While Lesnar likely stopped to take the image, as I can't imagine him being the sort of man to stop for an image he doesn't want to allow, yet he clearly doesn't want to be there. Kudos to the teens who had the guts to approach him in the first place.

2 The Boss Is Not Pleased

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Sasha Banks caused a social media storm when this picture was released Banks recently found herself at the center of a heated debate when she spoke out about fans who track down her flight information and follow her to her hotels in the hopes of meeting her. This image showed the displeasure of the Boss who likely just wanted to go home for a brief break from the crazy world. Banks explained in an interview that this person had called the airport to track her details, hence her increased frustration.

It didn't help her though that the image was so funny (with Big E even getting her face printed onto some socks) that it did the rounds on social media, allowing, even more, people to see how she felt. P.S. Do you recognize this fan? Yep, it's the same guy from the Michael Cole picture, so perhaps that provides a little proof to Banks' story.

1 A Bathroom Break

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When you are a wrestler in WWE, you are exposed to millions of people, especially if you are in the main event scene like Randy Orton. Because of this, the chances are high that you will bump into fans in many strange places. The bathroom happens to be one of them, where WWE's top stars are likely to collide with a fan at some point during their careers, whilst that might be awkward enough, then being asked to take a photograph just makes the situation incredibly strange for all concerned.

Yet that is exactly what happened to Orton in this picture, when a young fan, seemingly being encouraged by an adult (he has no excuse) snaps an image of the Viper whilst he is trying to wash his hands, using the mirror to its full advantage. It's very clear from his expression that Orton isn't pleased and appears (as most would) to be rather confused over what is happening in the moment.

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