Senor Benjamin Teases WWE Debut Alongside Matt Hardy

During this past Monday's Raw, WWE star Matt Hardy lost a match to Bray Wyatt and of course he was upset with the outcome.

Hardy was so upset that while laying on the mat, he crawled over to the corner while yelling "delete." He then did his famous arm motion as you can see in the video below.

Hardy has been teasing that The Great War is coming and it looks like it's now here.

Three days after Raw, on Thursday, November 30th,  Hardy announced on Twitter that The Great War has started and released a video him calling for Senor Benjamin to come join him. And it looks like Benjamin will be coming.


The video shows a man wearing a shirt that says Senor Benjamin, which is an indication that he'll be joining Hardy.

After watching Hardy's video, Senor Benjamin also responded to him on Twitter, by writing "Yes mister Hardy." Check out the tweet below:

Even though WWE has been teasing the Broken Matt Hardy character, there is some belief that they will in fact use the "Woken" term instead of "Broken," according to 411 Mania.

Anthem Sports and Entertainment made things even more clear after they released a press release, granting their former employees permission to use "Woken" since it's very similar to using the word "Broken" which was Hardy's nickname with Impact Wrestling.

I wonder how much WWE had to pay in order to be given the right to use the moniker. That would be interesting to find out.

Hardy did post the following tweet on Wednesday announcing that his new role:

WWE has been teasing the Broken Matt character for some time now and it looks like it's about to go. This coming Monday's Raw should be very interesting. It's probably safe to say that Senor Benjamin will be joining Hardy in the ring in the near future.

Comment below and tell us what you think about Matt Hardy's new persona as well as Senor Benjamin joining him for The Great War.

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Senor Benjamin Teases WWE Debut Alongside Matt Hardy