Seth Rollins Claims His 'Bad Knee' Is Why One Stomp Is No Longer Enough

Seth Rollins has revealed why it now takes more than one Stomp to put his way his opponents after it used to be so deadly.

Coming up with the perfect finishing move is something no wrestler should take lightly. One thing you hear from a lot of wrestlers, especially smaller ones, is that they want the move to be something they can give to anyone, regardless of size. The Stunner, Rock Bottom, and Spear are just a few examples of that.

One of the more deadly finishers of the modern era that can be performed on even the tallest of Superstar is The Stomp. Seth Rollins introduced us to the move when he moved to the main roster. However, he retired it after a conversation with Vince McMahon. The boss didn't like how easy it would be for fans to replicate the move.

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Years later, and it's back! However, it doesn't seem as effective as we remember it being. One Stomp and that was it, match over. Yet last weekend, at Clash of Champions, it took multiple Stomps plus a Pedigree before Braun Strowman would stay down for a three count. Rollins has clearly been anticipating someone asking him about this, as he had an answer on tap during an interview with CTV News.

"You see before it was one and done, now it’s my bad knee sometimes it takes a few more before I can collect the win," Rollins revealed. The Architect was sidelined with a serious knee injury in 2015, an injury that forced him to relinquish the WWE Title at the time. Despite being able to wrestle, it would seem that Rollins' knee might never be fully healed, and it'll take a Stomp or two to finish off his opponents from now on.

Rollins is joking, of course, but it's a great answer to give for the purpose of the wrestling business. It's probably something he should share with the commentary team before his next big match. If there's going to be an instance of the Stomp being kicked out of over and over again, the announce team can relay to fans at home that Rollins simply can't get the power behind the move that he used to.

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