Seth Rollins & Bray Wyatt Double Turn Was Planned At Crown Jewel

Bray Wyatt has been portraying a heel character during his feud with Seth Rollins, but The Fiend has been receiving extremely favorable reactions and cheers throughout their program.

Wyatt defeated Rollins in a falls count anywhere match at Crown Jewel to become the new Universal Champion. Once again, The Fiend received a good amount of cheers from the fans in Saudi Arabia.

That said, Rollins hasn't exactly pulled off a heel turn yet - while Wyatt will continue to portray the villainous role for the time being. But apparently, WWE had something giant planned for Crown Jewel.

According to a report from Fightful Select (h/t Ringside News), "a follow up match" from Crown Jewel "was always planned." However, the initial plans called for the most recent showdown to be the final one between Wyatt and Rollins, and that they had "a double turn planned."

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The Fiend received the babyface treatment in his Hell in a Cell match against Rollins last month, while The Architect was booed throughout. Though the latter is still being pushed as the main face of WWE, his popularity from the fans has seemingly gone down quite a bit.

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Wyatt was drafted to the SmackDown Live brand three weeks ago, while Lesnar "quit" the show and is moving over to Monday Night Raw. The Rollins-Wyatt storyline will be ending shortly, and then we'll see if they end up turning heel and face, respectively.

It should be noted that Wyatt is still being advertised for numerous Raw events throughout the month of November. So the rivalry with Rollins isn't done just yet, though it remains to be seen if The Architect will get another crack at the Universal Championship.

Wyatt Should Turn Face Now

WWE often makes the giant mistake in avoiding necessary babyface and heel turns. They can't afford to do it with The Fiend, who's arguably the hottest thing in professional wrestling right now. The Fiend has all the makings to be a top-tier face on SmackDown, and WWE can't afford to waste this opportunity.

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