Hell In A Cell Match Main Event Was Extremely Unpopular Backstage [Rumor]

The Hell in a Cell pay-per-view was shaping up to be one of the better WWE shows for 2019, but everything unraveled after a controversial booking to close out the main event.

Seth Rollins and Bray Wyatt closed out the show with a Universal Championship match, inside a cell. The Architect was dominating "The Fiend" throughout, but he was disqualified by the referee after attacking Wyatt with a sledgehammer.

Fans in attendance voiced their displeasure during and after the match. "AEW," and "Refund" chants broke out, and Rollins was booed heavily as well - despite portraying the main babyface character here.

The main event also received plenty of negative reactions from wrestling pundits. Not only that, but folks in the WWE office are also unhappy with how the main event played out, according to WWE insider Brad Shepard.

Obviously, the match ending was done in order to "protect" The Fiend. Vince McMahon clearly isn't ready to take the Universal Championship off of Rollins, but he's also unwilling to have Wyatt lose cleanly.

It was previously reported that WWE had plans in place to protect Wyatt by avoiding clean losses. The mission was accomplished on Sunday, but it's not sitting well with the WWE Universe one bit.

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Hell in a Cell matches always have no disqualification stipulations, so that's especially why fans are rightfully disappointed about the ending. In last year's Hell in a Cell main event, Brock Lesnar attacked both Roman Reigns and Braun Strowman, resulting in a no contest ending.

WWE was able to protect Strowman, while Reigns retained his Universal Championship. That ending made a lot more sense, and it's anybody's guess why WWE didn't go down this path for the Wyatt-Rollins main event.

Fans Deserve Better Than This

Last year, the McMahons promised to start giving fans more of what they wanted. But match endings like this are the last thing we want to see, and it's a huge insult to our intelligence when main events go through finishes like this. WWE found yet another way to disappoint us on Sunday, and we can only hope that they'll learn from this.

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