Seth Rollins Invades The Daily Show!

A few weeks back, Seth Rollins made fun of Jon Stewart on Raw, before Jon Stewart replied with a truly hilarious promo about Rollins. You can see that whole back and forth right here at TheSportster (we keep y'all covered).

Well, it appears these two have taken it up a notch, though this hopefully this won't turn into a Leno/Hogan type of conflict, where they'll be in the main event at a PPV.

During Stewart's Moment of Zen, a regular segment on The Daily Show, Seth Rollins hijacked the video feed before actually appearing on the show. He then challenged Jon Stewart to show up on Raw. So, Daily Show fans, tune into Raw on Monday as Stewart, a known wrestling fan, will more than likely be there.

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Seth Rollins Invades The Daily Show!