Seth Rollins' Curb Stomp Not Banned After All?

via "steelchairmag.com"

The news coming out of WWE a few weeks ago was that the Curb Stomp finishing maneuver used by Seth Rollins had been banned by the company. Rollins had dropped the move from his repertoire and all footage of him performing the Curb Stomp had been edited out of video replay.

Well, word has it that the Curb Stomp has not been banned by WWE but simply put on hold; place on the shelf while they company resolves its current concussion-related lawsuits; as the skulls of men crashing to the canvas are not the exact visuals WWE would like to have floating around while in the midst of these legal battles.

When all is resolved and the WWE have once again figured out a way to get out of court, the Curb Stomp should no longer be considered a “banned” maneuver. Whether or not Seth Rollins will use the move again remains to be seen.

Taking away the very move that helped win the WWE World Heavyweight Championship? The F-U was renamed the Attitude Adjustment but was never banned. Think of all the spinal damage a maneuver like that can cause.

C'mon now, if you look carefully, every move performed in a wrestling ring seems dangerous. Nevertheless, the WWE will always figure out a way to protect themselves from the money seekers.

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