SummerSlam Match Set: Ambrose And Rollins Join Forces

Seth Rollins and Dean Ambrose finally get on the same page and will face Sheamus and Cesaro for the Tag Titles at SummerSlam.

Dean Ambrose opened tonight's Raw looking for answers following Seth Rollins' refusal to officially join forces with him last week. Well, a confused Lunatic was quickly joined by his former Shield brother and things broke down, fast. The two men trying to find common ground ended up brawling in and around the ring, and their common enemies Sheamus and Cesaro saw an opportunity.

With both Rollins and Ambrose laid out at ring side, the Raw Tag Team Champions sprinted to the ring and put the boots to Rollins. Once Ambrose had recovered enough he attempted to help the man he had previously been beating on himself, only to get a similar punishment from Raw's European pairing.


Eventually, both Rollins and Ambrose managed to sync up their second winds and make Raw feel like the good old days when all the members of The Shield were on the same page. Sheamus and Cesaro were sent scurrying from the ring and the men who chased them off finally bumped fists, much to the delight of the in-house crowd who erupted on impact.

Via Cageside Seats

The good news for Shield fans didn't stop there though. The touching reunion was quickly interrupted by Raw General Manager, Kurt Angle. The Olympic Gold Medallist had clearly been looking for some SummerSlam challengers to Sheamus and Cesaro, and with Rollins and Ambrose back in each other's good books they more than fit the bill. Angle made the match official and in six days time, the Raw Tag Team Championships will be on the line.

It's not exactly a surprise that this is where the Ambrose - Rollins saga has ended up, but nevertheless the pay off was good when the two former WWE Champions finally bumped fists. Cesaro and Sheamus planned to drive a wedge even further between the two of them on Raw but their plan back fired in a major way. Could we see the Tag Team Titles back around the waists of Shield members for the first time since Rollins and Reigns held the gold? It's looking pretty promising.

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