Seth Rollins And Dean Ambrose Tag Team Push Backstage Update

Seth and Dean's reunion on Raw last week to take on the Miztourage may not be the last we see of the former Shield brothers teaming up.

In 2014 Seth Rollins left Dean Ambrose, Roman Reigns, and - let's be honest - the entirety of the WWE Universe in a state of shock when he betrayed his brothers and broke up The Shield. We've seen The Architect go on one heck of a journey of self discovery since then, siding with The Authority for a while and winning two WWE Championships in the process. Well three years later and Seth and Dean are being forced to tag together once again.

Last week on Raw the former Shield members joined forces once again in a three on two handicap match. Ambrose and Rollins were successful in their reunion and defeated The Miz and his Miztourage, consisting of Bo Dallas and Curtis Axel. Despite their impressive win Ambrose is still unsure of Seth and seemingly can't decide whether he can trust him again or not. Nevertheless it looks like WWE will be pushing forward with the two of them as a team for the time being.


As well as Rollins and Ambrose first time teaming together being a roaring success, we were also shown the Raw Tag Team Champions Sheamus and Cesaro watching on as the friends turned enemies turned tag partners battled against the odds. As astutely pointed out by IWNerd.com, we the fans would have been shown that shot for better reason than to simply be reassured that the champs are enjoying themselves back stage. What's more likely is that the European pair are sizing up who will likely be their next title challengers.

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There was a point during The Shield's tenure where all three members held gold. It was Roman and Seth who were the Tag Team Champions however, and those belts are one of the few that Ambrose is yet to have around his waist. While his fellow Hounds of Justice held tag team gold Dean was busy being United States Champion for almost an entire year.

With the separation of not only Enzo and Cass but also The Golden Truth, the tag team scene on Raw is looking pretty thin right now. Former champions The Hardy Boyz are tied up with The Club and The Revival so WWE need a fresh team to go toe-to-toe with Sheamus and Cesaro. Nothing's official quite yet, but it looks like they may have found a couple of worthy SummerSlam contenders in Dean Ambrose and Seth Rollins.

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