Seth Rollins Calls Journo A "Vindictive Liar" & Denies Speaking At WWE Talent Meeting

Seth Rollins has denied speaking up at a talent meeting before Monday's episode of Raw, following reports the former Universal Champion was one of the persons who had plenty to say regarding the recent controversial Saudi Arabia incident.

According to Dave Meltzer, The Architect gave a "rah-rah speech," as he tried to motivate performers who were upset after they were "deserted" by Vince McMahon after Crown Jewel.

Seth and Vince were said to have been center stage during the meeting as they tried to smooth things over but the wrestler has since called Meltzer out, branding him "a purveyor of misinformation" and a "vindictive liar."

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Seth spoke to Fightful after posting the first tweet and claimed not to have said a single word while the meeting went on.

“Vince (McMahon) and Triple H held an all talent meeting to explain the travel situation returning from Crown Jewel. They commended the talent for their conduct in a tough spot and fielded questions and allowed anyone to voice their feelings on the matter," he said. "Some talent spoke up and overall it was a productive forum. I said zero words. I made no speech. Pretty simple.”

An anonymous source said: “AJ, Rusev and Karl spoke up. Seth didn’t say anything, neither did Randy. Joke, or otherwise. Nothing TO say lol. We were told everything out there was rumors.”

"Joke" because it was reported that Orton had cracked a joke to help lighten the mood. But it appears that Meltzer might have been right about AJ Styles and Rusev speaking.

“No one said anything dumb," another unnamed source claimed. "Opposite actually. Weird meeting but no one acted up.“

He Denies Speaking Up, That Has To Be That

WWE is hardly ever far from controversy. Controversy sells. This latest incident is unlikely to be the last.

If Rollins denies saying anything at the meeting, we'll have to take it as that. But having scouted comments attached to his tweet, we can surmise that a good few fans consider him to be a sellout.

Source: Fightful

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