Seth Rollins Provides Clear Explanation On Hell In A Cell Ruling & Ending

Many WWE fans and pundits were angry, disappointed and completely baffled with the ending at last week's Hell in a Cell pay-per-view, where Seth Rollins was apparently disqualified after attacking Bray Wyatt with a sledgehammer.

Hell in a Cell matches always carry no disqualification stipulations. So when Rollins brutally attacked "The Fiend," it made no sense as to why the referee called off the match in an instant.

Fans in Sacramento booed heavily after the match, with chants such as "AEW" and "refund" breaking out. The Hell in a Cell pay-per-view also received very poor reviews from critics, and it'll certainly go down as one of the more disappointing WWE events in recent memory.

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One fan took to Twitter to ask Rollins and Wyatt if their upcoming bout at Crown Jewel (a falls count anywhere match) will end in a disqualification ruling. The Architect responded by adding a thorough explanation on the Hell in a Cell conclusion:

Last week, referee Rod Zapata said in a statement that he was merely looking out for the safety of Wyatt, which is why he suddenly called off the match. Still, this - along with Rollins' explanation - don't take away the general fan disappointment.

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After all, Rollins vs. Wyatt was one of the most hyped up championship matches of 2019. This was supposed to be a huge turning point for The Fiend, but it ended up being a giant waste of time - and fans can only hope that WWE don't do something like this ever again.

Rollins confronted Wyatt and burned down his Firefly Fun House on this week's episode of Raw. Now, we wait and see if The Fiend will gain revenge when they meet for the Universal title in two weeks.

At Least We Have Answers Now

Finally, fans have a full understanding in regards to the match ruling and ending. The referee stoppage is a better explanation than a "disqualification" ruling. But again, it doesn't quite take away the controversial finish that left many fans disgruntled. This isn't the way a main event championship match should end. It's as simple as that.

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