Seth Rollins Makes WWE History With Raw Gauntlet Performance

Seth Rollins put on an absolute clinic on Raw, and during that Gauntlet Match, he made history.

The one hour and five minutes Seth Rollins spent in Monday night's gauntlet match was the longest time any Superstar has spent in a bout on Raw.

WWE fans have become pretty used to the formulaic style of Monday Night Raw. Starts with a long and often boring promo, what creative perceive to be the biggest segments happening at the top of each hour, there are certain things you can count on each and every time you watch WWE on Monday nights.

Well, not this week. WWE decided to break the mold and had one match take up well over half of the entire show. There is a dispute over whether it was one match or six since it was a gauntlet match, but still, it made for a very different edition of Raw. All seven men involved in the epic bout deserve a lot of credit but none more than the match's undisputed MVP Seth Rollins.


Rollins started the match with Roman Reigns and to the delight of many in the WWE Universe managed an unexpected pinfall over his Shield-brother. Next up was John Cena. and after battling him for an awfully long time, Rollins managed to also gain the second successful pinfall of the match. It wasn't until the fourth entrant into the gauntlet match, Elias, that Rollins finally succumbed to the sheer amount of time he had been in the ring.

The exact amount of time The Architect wrestled for on Monday night? An incredible one hour five minutes. In fact, according to WWE's own stats and info Twitter account that impressive total is the longest amount of time any Superstar has spent in a match in the entire history of Raw. Impressive, but probably not the kind of punishment Rollins envisioned putting himself through just six days before he steps inside the Elimination Chamber.

Monday night's gauntlet match will likely be one that is remembered for years to come, both by the Superstars who were a part of it and the fans who were watching. Everyone involved should be incredibly proud of themselves and above all else, it was a tremendous advert for the match that all seven men will be competing in this Sunday in Las Vegas.


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Seth Rollins Makes WWE History With Raw Gauntlet Performance