Seth Rollins Invades the Daily Show Again

It's been a few months since Seth Rollins and John Stewart had their on-air beef that led from The Daily Show to Stewart kicking Rollins in the crotch on RAW. On Thursday night, the WWE World Champion invaded the Daily Show once more with a mission: To expose Stewart's pandering to corporate interests. Which means another of the ongoing montages of Stewart's Daily Show tenure, in this case his fake "sponsors" of segments, including several shots at Arby's.

The two bantered before and after the clips with Stewart pointing out the various merchandise bearing Rollins' name ("wait, I have sandals?") and even Rollins breaking Jon Cena's nose. Rollins concluded by stating he'd love to get revenge on Stewart "but your little show isn't paying me enough for that."

Backstage after the show, the two broke the act as Rollins gave Stewart his very own WWE championship belt, complete with a Daily Show label on the side. Nice to see them settle things before Stewart leaves the show.


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