Seth Rollins Calls Out Kenny Omega, Refers To AEW As "The Minor Leagues"

Seth Rollins has not been shy about laying his feelings out for the world to see in 2019 and has done so again via recent comments about Kenny Omega and AEW.

Seth Rollins has had a pretty wild 2019 thus far both in and out of the ring. Between the ropes, he has defeated Brock Lesnar for the Universal Title not once, but twice. Away from the ring, Rollins has been embroiled in controversies that have landed him in the bad books of a fair few fans.

Most notably was The Architect's online feud with New Japan's Will Ospreay. It all started with the pair going back and forth over who's the better wrestler and which of their respective companies is the best. Then Rollins went and ruined it by bringing his paycheque into things. The champ has since apologized for going there.

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This time, Kenny Omega is the target of Rollins' prowess. During a WWE panel at the Fandemic Tour this past weekend, a fan asked The Beastslayer how and where he would like a match with The Cleaner to go down. Rollins pulled no punches with his answer saying, "When Kenny's done playing in the minor leagues over there, Kenny can come work at the absolute top professional wrestling company in the world."

You can check out the entire answer above in which Rollins suggests he and Omega do battle at WrestleMania, bringing fan numbers and yes, money into the equation. A match between Omega and Rollins would be terrific, without question. However, considering the current climate, it seems as if that match will never happen. Rollins won't be leaving WWE anytime soon, and Omega won't be leaving AEW, especially not to join WWE.

The Cleaner is usually pretty adept when it comes to social media replies. So far, it has been radio silence in regard to Rollins' comments. In all fairness, Omega has had a pretty busy weekend. The former IWGP Champion won the AAA Mega Title while Rollins was busy taking shots at him during a panel. Watch this space for Omega's reply. We're almost certain there will be one.

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