Seth Rollins Gets New Theme Music At Live Event [Video]

Seth Rollins came to the ring to a new entrance music at a live event on Saturday but had his regular music 24 hours later at the Royal Rumble.

WWE's live events are often used so that the company and its Superstars can try out new things. New attires, new finishers, even sometimes to test the waters for a rivalry that they might be wanting to try out on television and bigger stages in general. For the most part, WWE's employees can have a lot more fun on live events.

It was only recently that WWE began trying things out with Woken Matt Hardy at live events. Many fans want to see more elements of the Broken Universe introduced, but they aren't just going to throw it all on live television and see what sticks. That's why the first time Hardy's music changed was off camera, and now he has shaken off the Team Extreme theme that he and his brother Jeff were known for in WWE.


The trouble is in 2018, even things that happen at live events are never technically completely off camera. Almost every fan in the crowd will have a camera phone on them and will catch any newsworthy changes or events that take place. That happened in Baltimore on Saturday night. Seth Rollins came to the ring to a different entrance theme. The video is below, so we'll let you judge whether it's an improvement to his regularly scheduled music.

What's peculiar is that 24-hours later at the Royal Rumble, Rollins did not have his new music. The Architect made two appearances on Sunday night, once in a Tag Team Title match and another time in the Rumble itself, and both times he walked down the ramp to the music he has had for a number of months now. Clearly, whoever's idea it was to switch things up a little hasn't managed to get everyone on board with the change quite yet.



There is every possibility that WWE tested the waters with a new entrance for Rollins in front of a non-televised crowd and simply didn't like the sound of it. If that is indeed the case, then whatever music is featured in the above video will likely be shelved and probably attached to another, possibly debuting, star somewhere down the line.

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