Seth Rollins Provides An Update On Wrestler's Court In WWE Today

What exactly is "Wrestler's Court?" ... A way for the boys in the back to settle disputes while a veteran locker room leader serves as judge. During The Undertaker's full-time years in WWE, the most well-respected Superstar of all time would more often than not serve as said judge.

Of course, the old-school ways of thinking are long gone; distant memories in the WWE rear-view mirror. The look, style, presentation, and in-ring action have evolved over the years, and what was once considered "normal" backstage may not pass with many modern-day Superstars.

In a recent interview with Atlanta’s Rock 100.5 Bailey & Southside Morning Show, Seth Rollins - the current top dog in the WWE junkyard - claims that Wrestler's Court is "a bit of an antiquated thing." However, Rollins does explain the continued need of the locker room looking out for each other: "I’m with these guys more than I’m with my family - we’re on the road 300 days a year or so... we’ve got to take care of ourselves."

It would appear as though the new-school boys have dismissed this old-school mentality.


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