WWE Rumor: Seth Rollins To Challenge Roman Reigns After WrestleMania

If Roman Reigns' destiny is indeed to go to WrestleMania 34 and defeat Brock Lesnar his first challenger afterward will likely be Seth Rollins.

This Sunday a seven-man Elimination Chamber match will decide which Raw Superstar will go on to face off against Brock Lesnar for the Universal Championship at WrestleMania 34. For a full year, it has been the expectation of most that Roman Reigns will be the one who takes on The Beast and that belief may very well be realized come Sunday.

The recent resurgence of Seth Rollins has left some wondering, however. Perhaps the plans have changed and The Architect is once again the chosen one. Ever since his tag team partner Jason Jordan was sidelined through injury, Rollins has gone from strength to strength and on Raw this past week, he beat both Reigns and John Cena in a gauntlet match.


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According to The Wrestling Observer, the plan is still the straight-forward one that leads to a Reigns vs Lesnar Mania main event. They are of the belief that The Big Dog will still win this weekend, and the reason behind Rollins' recent push is because he will be Reigns' first challenger following his Universal Title win. Once WrestleMania is done Raw's top rivalry will revolve around the two Hounds Of Justice.

Even though The Shield's reunion only took place a few months ago, it has been halted and stalled thanks to illness and injury. The trio still can't get things going as now Dean Ambrose is sidelined for a number of months. For now, the best thing to do will be to make something of the two members who remain and it looks as if the bricks are indeed being put in to place for them to fall out and feud post-Mania.

Anyone who may have forgotten exactly how good a performer Rollins is got a stark reminder of that on Monday night. There was a time before his knee injury when he seemed to be the one that WWE wanted to make the face of their company, and you can see why. Reigns might very well still go on to WrestleMania and become Universal Champion, but The Architect will likely also hold that title before the end of 2018.


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