Seth Rollins Says Shield Reunion Is Not In The Cards... For Now

Seth Rollins recently revealed that a Shield reunion is not on the cards any time soon, but don't discount it altogether.

One of the greatest and most popular factions in recent WWE history was The Shield, made up of Seth Rollins, Roman Reigns, and Dean Ambrose. The three of them ran rough shot through the company and earned the love and appreciation of fans in the process. There doesn't seem to be a month that goes by where people aren't questioning when the three of them will get the old band back together. Well Seth Rollins addressed that issue this week, and according to The Architect a reunion is a way off yet.

The cover star of WWE 2K18 spoke about how all three respective members of The Shield have got their own personal issues and goals going on in WWE right now, and that it wouldn't make sense for them to come together as a trio once again at this moment in time. Rollins stated that he, Roman, and Dean would need a 'common goal' for a Shield reunion to make sense, and that right now his own focus is on becoming WWE Universal Champion.

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In an exclusive interview with Give Me Sport Seth continued to discuss the three of them all being on their own individual paths right now and that 'it would take something pretty massive to take us all away from that and get us back on the same page'. He didn't rule out a reunion somewhere down the line though, and said due to the unpredictability of WWE even though they aren't reuniting right now to 'never say never'.

Seth Rollins is currently doing the media rounds after being declared the cover star of WWE's upcoming video game WWE 2K18. During this latest interview he stated that he intends to go make a claim for the Universal Championship, although with Bray Wyatt currently occupying his time it would seem that fellow Shield member Roman Reigns is a step or two closer than he is. Rollins was the one who split The Shield up back in 2014, so in the realms of WWE you'd imagine that it would have to be Seth who rebuilds the bridges between the three of them.

While the idea of a Shield reunion is an exciting one, it's not as if it hasn't been teased in the three years that the trio of former WWE Champions has been apart. At Tribute To The Troops they were involved in a back stage segment together along with The Club and New Day, plus all three of them were in a Fatal 4 Way match with Randy Orton at Payback 2015, during which they joined forces to eliminate The Viper.

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