10 Reasons Why Seth Rollins Needs Time Away From The Universal Title

Seth Rollins winning the Universal Championship was something that the majority of fans wanted to see, but when they actually got it, things didn't quite transpire as many would've hoped. His two reigns with the belt this year just weren't received all that well for a variety of different reasons, and now, many members of the WWE Universe actually want to see the belt get taken off of him.

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Today, we're going to run through a series of reasons as to why we believe Seth being away from the Universal Championship picture for a while wouldn't be the worst idea in the world.

10 Questionable Reign

Since winning back the belt from Brock Lesnar at SummerSlam, Seth’s run has been about as inspired as his first earlier on in the year – and that should tell you all that you need to know.

It just kind of came and went without much intrigue surrounding it, and while he’s always able to churn out good matches, we all know that isn’t quite enough in this era. It wasn’t the worst, but it certainly wasn’t up there with the best that we’ve seen from the big red championship belt.

9 Twitter Activity

While it’s been a little while since he’s popped up with anything controversial, Rollins went through a period of being a little bit arrogant on social media. Perhaps his blossoming relationship with Becky Lynch has put a stop to anything silly, but it’s hard to tell.

From proclaiming himself to be the best in the world by some margin to flaunting his wealth in the face of Will Ospreay, Seth made himself seem like a little bit of a fool. Now, it’s all about moving on from that, and maybe calming down when it comes to Twitter usage.

8 Potential Heel Turn

Seth has been a babyface for quite some time, and we actually tend to believe he’s one of the few guys who is just as good at that role as he is with being a heel. Alas, it’s time for a bit of a shake-up, and moving away from the championship picture is the perfect way to pull the trigger on something like that.

We don’t know how or even when it would happen, but we do know that there’s a great deal of potential there which still hasn’t been uncovered.

7 That Hell in a Cell Finish

If WWE was aiming to book Seth Rollins in the worst way possible in the main event of Hell in a Cell, then they achieved that by having him go so far against ‘The Fiend’ Bray Wyatt that the match actually had to be called off due to a disqualification.

For the rest of time, Seth will be remembered for featuring in a match where a DQ was given and that, in itself, is embarrassing. The less said about it the better, and we mean that for both guys involved.

6 Something Fresh

Sometimes it’s all about changing things up and introducing new faces into the mix, and we believe that’s the position that we find ourselves in now. Seth is great and can return to the main event scene whenever he wants, but for now, we want to see a transition over to some newer faces when it comes to who competes for world titles.

Seth’s burn it down character is starting to feel a little bit stale, and as we’ve already mentioned, his most recent pay per view main event didn’t do a lot to convince us otherwise.

5 WWE Championship Retribution

From relinquishing the belt due to injury all the way through to being beaten for it by Dean Ambrose after holding it for just a few minutes, it’s safe to suggest that Seth Rollins hasn’t had the best of luck with the WWE Championship.

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Due to his close alignment with Monday Night RAW, we’ve always thought of The Architect as the kind of guy that would continue to go after the Universal title. Now, we’re starting to think it could be best for him to switch courses – kind of like Brock Lesnar did.

4 Possible Time Off

This isn’t a necessity by any stretch of the imagination, but it wouldn’t be the worst idea in the world for Seth to take some time away from the ring. He could chill at home, travel with Becky, or perhaps even just go and coach at Black & Brave.

Absence makes the heart grow fonder and if the WWE Universe starts to notice that he isn’t being featured on WWE programming anymore, then the dirt sheets will start to speculate. Speculation, at least in this business, seems to be the key to success.

3 The Roman Complex

Seth Rollins is turning into Roman Reigns when it comes to the apathy that is shown or has been shown, towards him whenever he’s being featured in prominent spots. We never thought WWE would be capable of dragging the former NXT Champion down to that level, and yet here we are.

This is certainly going to divide opinion as many will believe Rollins is nowhere near Reigns’ status, and some might even suggest that Roman has done a bit of a 180 lately. Whatever the case may be, it’s an intriguing topic to discuss.

2 The Fiend Is The Future

‘The Fiend’ Bray Wyatt is the next man in line to the throne in regards to the Universal Championship and that much is obvious. While he may not have won the strap at Hell in a Cell, though, we’re confident in saying he’ll get it at some point – but it needs to happen soon.

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This character is the future of WWE and could go on to do some truly wonderful things within the business. Seth needs to be the one to go down at the hands of The Fiend, and it needs to be convincing.

1 He’s No Longer The Underdog

Once upon a time, we knew Seth to be one of the best underdog types of wrestlers in WWE. Now, though, the expectation is that he’ll win every single week, and it doesn’t feel like his back is against the wall anymore.

Some will argue that’s nothing more than character growth but we believe it’s more than that. In the same way that CM Punk told John Cena he had become the New York Yankees, we believe Rollins has become the Golden State Warriors. Unfortunately, Mr. Architect, the truth hurts.

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