Seth Rollins Doesn't Think WWE Needs Crossover UFC Stars

The fan base for WWE and UFC crosses over an awful lot, despite some fans from either side of the fence looking down on the other. What that has led to is more and more cross over between the two companies. Brock Lesnar has been a tremendous success in both worlds, Ronda Rousey is apparently training in preparation for her WWE debut, and Vince McMahon has even reportedly tried to approach Conor McGregor in the past. Well one WWE Superstar believes that McMahon has everything he needs already under contract.

Seth Rollins is that Superstar and The Architect believes the WWE does not need all of the crossover stars that are currently worming their way into certain story lines. Rollins thinks that many people view the likes of Cris Cyborg and Ronda Rousey giving WWE attention as the shoot fighters "helping" the company he calls home, but it's help they currently do not need.

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Rollins recently spoke to Sky Sports about the amount of potential cross over stars in WWE right now, as well as discussing his favorite SummerSlam moments with this year's edition of the long-running pay-per-view taking place this Sunday. According to the two time WWE Champion the company has "maybe the most talented roster of all time," which is why they don't need anybody crossing over to help out. He added that they're more than welcome to come over and have some fun "but we're happy doing our own thing."


The WWE has deemed it necessary to bring stars from other walks of life into the squared circle many times. Floyd Mayweather had a match with the Big Show, countless Raw has guest hosts, and the very first WrestleMania featured Cyndi Lauper joining in the festivities. Nowadays, for the most part, it is UFC stars that WWE continually flirts with, and the relationship between the two companies only continues to intensify.

Rollins might have a point, but on the other hand having household names like Rousey wrestling for WWE is hardly going to hurt. The Architect may be a part of perhaps the most stacked roster WWE has ever had, but adding UFC stars to that roster will help bring even more eyes to that talented group of men and women.

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