Sexy Star Intentionally Hurts ANOTHER Wrestler For Real [Video]

Sexy Star has once again gone into business for herself and attempted to try and legitimately hurt one of her opponents during a match.

A couple of months ago, the Mexican female wrestler Sexy Star found herself at the center of a massive controversy. At AAA's TripleMania show, Star had a match against Rosemary of TNA fame, and her temper got the better of her. During the match, Sexy Star decided to take things too far and legitimately tried to break her opponent's arm. Not cool.

Naturally, the footage of her doing this went viral and wrestlers from all over the industry condemned Sexy Star's actions. Chris Jericho declared that she will never be welcome on his podcast despite previously not knowing who she actually was and multiple promotions blackballed her from ever competing. Somehow though, Sexy Star is still a wrestler and is still being hired by certain promotions.


That's why the controversial star managed to find herself in a match against Diosa Quetzal this past Sunday, and she's up to her old tricks again. The match took place for a promotion called MDA and after receiving a stiff looking kick from Quetzal, Sexy Star snapped once again. Star is the competitor in the short red skirt and as you can see from the video below, she has quite the temper. Following the kick from Quetzal, Star legitimately punches her opponent a number of times before rounding things off with a very nasty looking kick to the head.

Clearly, Sexy Star has a temper, and while she isn't the first pro wrestler to have one, she can't let it get the better of her while competing in the ring. Stiff shots happen accidentally all the time, and you either have to roll with it or give the instigator a friendly receipt, not proceed to give your opponent a legitimate and frankly dangerous beating.


Really, it's a miracle that Sexy Star can still find promotions that are willing to hire her. After the news about her altercation with Rosemary died down most probably would have assumed that she would just disappear never to be seen again. Clearly though, there are some lesser known promotions that are looking to gain some recognition, and by being the only ones that will hire a dangerous performer like Sexy Star they think they will achieve that.

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