Shane Douglas Has Expletive Filled Reaction To Sasha Banks' "Stalker Fans" Comment

Sasha Banks has been in the news thanks to a stance she took on fans who chose to follow WWE Superstars and ask for autographs at what she considered inappropriate moments. While Banks was appreciative that she has fans and respects the WWE Universe, she publicly went out on a limb and mentioned that she believed there was a line between being a fan and stalking a WWE talent.

To use the word "stalking" was a hard choice of word to describe what she believed was a lack of respect for her privacy in places that she felt was exclusively her time. Clearly, something happened with a fan to make Banks upset enough to talk openly about the topic, or she wasn't aware of the kind of storm her words would create after expressing her take on the subject.


When Banks' take when viral, many in the industry had a take. From Bubba Ray Dudley who said Banks shouldn't be worried that fans want to see her so much, she should more worried when they don't, to other wrestlers who agreed there is a time and a place for autographs or pictures, and while stardom in the WWE can vanish in the blink of an eye, Banks wasn't wrong.

The most recent opinion comes from former ECW Champion and former WWE and WCW star Shane Douglas. To say he didn't hold back would be an understatement. While appearing on the Two Man Power Trip of Wrestling podcast, Douglas called Banks comments ridiculous and suggested there was an easy way to fix the problem for Banks if she truly was bothered by it — quit. Douglas said:

"There is a real simple fix here and I mean an incredibly simple fix. If you don't like being and I'm using my fingers to make quotation marks ‘stalked’ by the fans, quit. Go be a waitress, go be a teacher, go be an attorney, go be a business owner and go do whatever it is you want to do out of the limelight if that has become such a heavy burden for you. When you come into this business you have to know up front that as you are coming in all you can hope for is to have any kind of a career. When you get blessed to have a really good career and be on the top of that industry than shut the f*ck up and ride the ride."

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Douglas went on to add a few more expletives, tried to explain to Banks that without the fans, wrestlers are nothing and in a strange turn showed his sexist attitude but suggesting it was rare that a female wrestler would have the kind of fans who would "stalk" her (using himself and, of all people, The Undertaker, as examples of the type of legacy that would call for that kind of reaction from fans), so she should consider herself lucky.

In many ways, Douglas is completely out to lunch. He was perhaps correct when he mentioned that McMahon only pays Banks what he does because she draws fans and when she doesn't, he'll no longer need her. But to suggest that she should be alright with stalking is beyond obnoxious.


It sounds like both Banks and Douglas need to take a few more lessons in what is appropriate to spout off about and what to keep to yourself. Things have a way of coming back to you if you're not careful when choosing your words, but this seems pretty clear that if anyone is right here, it's not Shane Douglas.

There is never a time stalking someone else is acceptable behavior. If that is really what is happening, or has happened to Sasha Banks, Douglas clearly never had it happen to him.

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