Former WWE Superstar Says Women's Royal Rumble Is Due To 'Politics'

Just last month, WWE made history when CBO Stephanie McMahon announced that they will hold their first ever women's Royal Rumble in 2018.

With the announcement of the women's Royal Rumble, most people have been very supportive of the event. But former WWF star Shane Douglas isn't a fan, according to Wrestling Inc.

During a recent episode of the The Triple Threat Podcast featuring "The Franchise" Shane Douglas, he stated that he's not a supporter of women's wrestling, but he does like that they'll have the same opportunity as the men when it comes to having their own Royal Rumble.

"I've said it before that I am not and haven't been throughout my career a huge supporter of women's wrestling and I haven't paid that much attention to it. But I will say this that with as over as the (Total) Divas show has gotten it seems to be the more buzz-worthy part of WWE these days. I think it is completely in line and long overdue. Why not let the women have the same crack at it that the men had? If you are a WWE fan (which I am not) and if you are a fan of that than I don't see why you wouldn't demand to see who will come out on top of this match."

Douglas believes that the reason the WWE will hold a women's Royal Rumble, is due to political reasons.

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"I think it is completely appropriate and long overdue but sadly I think it has more to do with identity politics and that women are out there making a lot of noise right now and getting a lot of traction so let's go in that direction. Be that as it may and if that is the reason or if it is not the reason I think it is long overdue. They've been the more spoken about part of the WWE now for several years so why not give them equal footing."

What's really interesting is that Douglas feels like the men's division has drastically declined, while the women's division has risen up within WWE over the past several years.


"If you look at the WWE from the last several years it is the ladies division that has gotten a lot more press and far more traction and far more buzz than the men's division. We've seen the men's division side of it decline to an incredibly low level and seems like every year it is declining and that the women's shows still have some punch behind them. I hear far more buzz about the women wrestlers than I do the men wrestlers in the WWE which leads me to believe that it has more buzz behind it. If that is not true go attack me on social media about it. It seems that the squeaky wheel gets the grease and it seems to me that is where the WWE has placed their assets and it is far more behind the women's division than the men's division."

If WWE is giving the women's division more attention and helping to boost it more than the men, then that must be what the fans want, because I can't imagine that CEO Vince McMahon would do something that's going to hinder himself from making money.

Douglas had a very short stint with the WWF from 1990-1991 and then left and returned in 1995. He ended up winning theWWF Intercontinental Championship during his time with the company.


Douglas also spent time with World Championship Wrestling, which WWE ended up purchasing several year ago. He was with WCW from 1992-1993 and then 1999-2001. Douglas had a lot of success with WCW after winning the WCW Hardcore Championship, WCW United States Heavyweight Championship, WCW World Tag Team Championship  and the NWA World Tag Team Championship.

Feel free to comment below and let us know whether not you agree with what Douglas had to say about why WWE is holding a women's Royal Rumble.

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